Saturday, February 25, 2012

arcade; kitchen stowaways; okay paperwork

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in an arcade, possibly with a few kids. Other than those kids, the arcade was empty of people. The arcade was divided into a few "rooms." The place was lit kind of brightly, for an arcade, with incandescent lights.

At some point I was sitting at a video game booth, like I was playing a driving game. At another point, I was playing some other video game. I had my face close up to the screen. And, later on, I was pumping coins frantically into the game.

Dream #2

There were three people, of whom I may have been one, though I saw all three people from a third person view. The other two were a young man and a young woman.

The three stood among a crowd of people who were seated at an outdoor restaurant. It was night, and the moonlight shone on everybody at the restaurant. It felt like the restaurant was huge, extending far back under some shelter in the distance.

A blonde business woman came up to the three, but focused on the two young people. She may have handed the two some kind of business form, then told the two that she was no longer going to allow them to stay here. Apparently the two people had been living in this restaurant. They had even, while the restaurant was open, been making meals for customers, like some kind of renegade chefs.

The business woman walked away. The two now knew that they were "evicted" from this place. They could no longer live here and make food here.

The third person (me?) wished he could have stood up for the other two while the business woman had been handing them the papers. But he couldn't have done anything, apparently. But now there was another woman, a kind of short, girlish-looking, blonde woman. She was the business woman's assistant.

The assistant was holding something that looked like a red, plastic Folger's coffee jar filled with some kind of white sauce, like ranch dressing or secret sauce. The assistant said, "My boss owns all kinds of restaurants. She can't oversee them all. So some of them do terribly. There are a few that are closed down."

The assistant may have handed the jar of sauce to the young man and woman. I understood this to mean that the assistant had given the young man and woman the ability to get into and live in the abandoned kitchens owned by the business woman.

Time had passed. I (or the third person?) had gone out to look for an abandoned restaurant. I'd found one. Now I had to pick up the young man and woman in secret, so the business woman wouldn't know we were going.

The young man and woman were sitting out at a table at an outdoor restaurant that was closed for the night and empty. The moon may have been large in the sky, shining down on the young man and woman. I ran down the aisle of tables, then grabbed the young woman's hand and began running with her. The young man began running as well. As I'd grabbed three woman's hand, I'd knocked some silverware off the table.

Dream #3

I was in an office, showing my boss a stack of paperwork I'd done. My boss told me something along the lines that I was doing a good job, but that I should probably slow it down. He may also have referred to some guy in my paperwork, telling me that I had made a mistake in his files. If I'd slowed down, I wouldn't have made the mistake.

I now led my boss into another office, which was apparently my office. I showed my boss another stack of paperwork, a lot of which had to do with the guy. Somehow my boss had come to understand that I hadn't made the mistakes he'd thought I'd made, and that I wasn't working too fast. My boss said that he'd leave me alone with my work, then.

At another time I saw a stack of paperwork on a step in a tall, steep staircase. This staircase may have led to something like a tall, steep, but old and run-down auditorium, almost as huge as a stadium, on a seat in which sat another stack of paperwork.