Wednesday, February 22, 2012

catalpa vineyard

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

It was a bright, sunny day. I stood out before a tall, grassy hill with a young girl. The hill was a lot like a hill in my hometown.

There seemed to be a vineyard growing on the hill. But all the grape vines seemed to be growing widely spaced apart, and they stood almost as tall as trees. The grape plants also seemed to be growing cone-like masses of flowers, like wisteria flowers. The whole space was surrounded by a kind of short, run-down wooden fence.

I pointed the vineyard out to the girl, pointing with my left hand. I told the girl that I felt like I should have known about this vineyard for a long time. Maybe I had known about it, but I just hadn't cared about it. Now it was in bad shape. I wondered if I couldn't fix it up some.

I then noticed a huge tree, in its own fence, either inside the vineyard or just outside it. The trunk of the tree looked really ragged, like the tree was old or in bad shape. The tree may also have been barren of leafs. But it was growing cones of flowers, like a chesnut tree or a catalpa tree.