Friday, August 10, 2012

split slacks; my apartment isn't mine

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was at "my family's house," sitting right in a doorway between a bedroom and the living room. My mom and my brother also sat in the doorway: my mom to my right and my brother to my left. The doorway was wide, with a folding door that would run across it. The bedroom was dark, and the living room was lit.

My mom and my brother were having an argument, possibly about my brother borrowing money. Both my mom and my brother were smoking cigarettes. The argument reached a level of intensity where my mom stood up and left, not wanting to listen to anymore. She also may have had somewhere to go.

My brother was mad that my mom had just stood up and left. He blew smoke in my face and stood up to follow my mother -- maybe she was taking him somewhere. But I had gotten so frustrated over the arguing, and I was so mad that my brother had blown smoke in my face, that I stood up and got right into my brother's face, telling him, "Stop doing this kind of crap, man!"

My brother acted mad at first. Then his face got really sad. He just said, "Come on, just leave me alone," and walked out the door. I felt really bad for having gotten angry with my brother. I knew he was emotionally unstable, delicate, and insecure. I didn't want to make him feel even worse about himself. I was also afraid that, now that he was mad at me, too, he might pull some kind of bad prank on me.

I was now sitting on the floor in the living room. My nephews and niece may have been running around the living room and playing. My brother was now in the living room. It was like he had come back from wherever my mom had taken him. I stood up to talk to him.

He was wearing some weird items of clothing. One item was like a tie. The other was like suspenders on his left shoulder. But the material then ran around his waist at a right angle to the "suspender." The material was black and dotted with little, green frogs and some other design I can't remember.

I wanted to apologize to my brother for my behavior before. But my brother could sense that I was sorry. He acted like it was no big deal.

My brother pointed to the ceiling and said, "I get so frustrated with these kids sometimes. My dress pants were hanging on a hanger up there. They were a really nice brand. They were grey slacks, made of really nice fabric, and they had pinstripes running down them. Then one day I came home, and the kids had torn the pants in half. You know how? They were swinging off of them -- using my pants as a swing -- until they got torn from the hanger."

In my mind's eye I could see the pants being split up the crotch, as if the slacks, instead of being folded over the hanger, were "straddling" the hanger.

Dream #2

I had just moved into a new apartment. My mom's ex-boyfriend was there with me. I think he was there because he'd known about the place -- like he'd owned or rented it before -- and he wanted to check it out to make sure it was okay before I moved into it. It all seemed to be okay. Everything was really dusty. But other than that, it was good.

My mom's ex-boyfriend was gone. I was walking around the apartment by myself. I walked into the next room, the kitchen. There was a broom there. I think I thought my mom had left the broom for me. When she'd seen this place, she'd noticed how dusty it was. She'd thought it was neglectful of me not to have swept. So she'd left this broom for me.

I took the broom with me and entered the next room. I walked into another room. Suddenly I realized -- both the rooms I'd walked through after the kitchen were huge! They were both tall and spacious, with the back walls being beautiful, wood-framed window-walls. And they were both well-furnished and decorated: almost as well as a room in a mansion-like museum, like the Morgan Library or the Frick Collection in New York.

The next room was to the left of this room. Now the rooms came one after another in the opposite direction. I walked through one huge room into another huge room. A massive, wooden table in this room had a small, bronze sculpture of a buffalo atop it.

I began to feel extremely lucky. I was trying to remember how I'd actually managed to get into this place. I was paying rent for it, but barely anything -- $650 a month -- for something of this size and beauty. I wondered if the upstairs neighbors would be noisy. But with this much space, and these high ceilings, I doubted it.

I couldn't figure how I was being allowed to live here. The only thing I could guess was that I'd promised to keep the place clean -- which was something I thought I would have no problem doing. I was so excited and happy about getting to live here!

I walked into the next room, which may have been the living room, and which also served as the entry to the apartment. The daylight had been blue, cool, and crisp in the other rooms, but here it was golden and warm, like a sunny morning after snow.

I could see out the window that people were coming up to the door. It looked like one or two wealthy, white families. They walked into the house with no problem, like they had a key of their own. I didn't know who they were. But I think they were talking about buying the apartment.

There were two older men and two older women. I don't know if they were present, but a young man and young woman were also being spoken of, as if they were the son of one family and the daughter of another, getting married. The men may have been joking about how irresolute the son often was, even though he was really handsome and really smart, and may already have had a really good job.

Nobody was paying any attention to me. I still didn't quite know what they were here for, even though I think the families were buying this apartment for the couple-to-be. I wondered whether I was going to have to leave this place soon. I'd just gotten settled in, and already I was being forced out. But I resolved that, until I knew for sure what was going on, I'd just get to work on cleaning the house and act like this was where I was going to be living for a while.

I didn't want to leave the living room while the family was here. I had a bad feeling that if I left while they were here, they'd make some kind of nasty plans against me. So I sat down on the couch, broom still in hand, and acted like I was just taking a rest.

The older men started talking about other stuff, maybe business in general. They decided that they'd like to have some coffee and maybe muffins while they were here. So one of the men sat down on the opposite end of the couch from me. The other man may have tried to sit in the middle section of the couch.

But suddenly I found myself getting very tired. I stretched out over my section and the middle section of the couch, maybe even knocking into the man sitting at the opposite end of the couch. At this point my dream faded into waking life, and I was stretching out in the same weird way in my bed.