Sunday, January 6, 2013

he wanted to be strangled

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in a small room, like some kind of backstage area, or maybe like a small makeup room inside a wagon car. A tall, big, fat man was with me. He was like my boss in whatever we were doing, possibly some kind of show. But he was also evil. I may have discovered this only recently. My boss became increasingly harsh toward me, approaching violence. I finally realized that I'd need to kill him.

My boss got angry with me for some reason or another and acted violently against me. He had some item that gave him strength. I took that item from him and managed to wrestle him to the ground. There was a cord, like an oxygen tube, attached to the man somehow. I probably used this cord to strangle the man to death.

I ended up in another dimension. It was like the evil man, having been killed, gained some new powers. He used one of his new powers to send me to another dimension. I don't remember what happened in that other dimension.

Now I was back in the normal world. A young man was in the small room with me. He informed me, somehow, possibly not by speaking, that if I killed my boss it would only make things worse for me, and possibly for the whole world. If my boss were killed, he would gain powers. We weren't trying to give my boss more power: we were trying to disable him.

I was again alone with my boss in the small room. My boss became violent and attacked me. I easily obtained the object that gave my boss strength. My boss fell down and knelt on the floor. He was in perfect position fro being strangled to death.

I knew I wasn't supposed to kill my boss. I knew that he wanted it -- it gave him more power. It was almost like he'd arranged for everything to happen just so I could kill him. It was too easy. I shouldn't do it. But I was so angry with my boss that I really couldn't help myself.

I grabbed the cord and twisted it around my boss' neck, squeezing tighter and tighter, never quite certain that I was totally cutting off the man's windpipe and securing the man's death. My boss didn't even struggle very much as I continued to strangle him.