Sunday, February 3, 2013

old friend and joyce carol oates

Good morning, everybody. This dream was written in the morning, but I wasn't able to post it until now.
Dream #1
I was in a living room with my old best friend Y and possibly my brother. My view of the room was very close in, like all I could see was the couch. The room felt very bright and warm, but also very crowded. The couch may have been made of thick, brown fabric, maybe in a plaid pattern.

I hadn't seen Y in a long time. I was really happy to see her again. She looked just like she did when we were in college. But she wore a backwards baseball cap.

We planned to have a sleepover this night, like we would occasionally do in college. Y, who had apparently just gotten into town, suggested I get some movies (maybe VCR cassettes?) from my place. I might have been thinking of a movie for us to watch. But Y suggested one, one that I didn't care for too much, but which I'd go get anyway, just to make Y feel comfortable and welcome.

I walked down the hallway to get the movie. Apparently my room/house was just down the hallway and up the stairs. As I was walking, Joyce Carol Oates caught up to me and started walking with me. We may have spoken, either verbally or mentally, but not about anything in particular.

My mother's bedroom was now just to my right. This was where my videotapes were. The plan was to get my movies and then head up to my room (and/or to Oates' house?) to meet Y. Before, I think the plan had been to get the movies from my room then go meet Y somewhere else, wherever she was staying.

Oates came into my mom's room with me. She looked around and maybe asked questions. My mom was sitting at a desk, listening to something through big headphones like for control towers. My mom seemed to be in bad shape, like she was extremely depressed or going insane. The desk was cluttered and almost looked like a bed.

I answered some of Oates' questions. Oates may even have reminded me of what movies I was supposed to be taking. I picked up the movie for Y, as well as some other movies, and walked toward the door. Oates may already have been out the door.

But my mom, who had been either unaware or dismissive of my presence before, now made some move which intentionally or unintentionally got my attention. I got close to my mom. I could hear, through the other side of my mom's headphones, some kind of official sounding transmission.

My mom responded to the transmission out loud with a couple of short sentences. My mom's statements were brief, but gritty and curmudgeony. I had the feeling I was actually hearing paranoid ideation in my mom's head.

I worried that my mom was receiving transmissions about my involvement with something evil and that she was now resolved to kill me because of these perceived evil connections.

The transmissions did, in fact, seem to be of some revolutionary news show. The news being stated was not directly related to me. But I felt like, if one listened hard enough, one could see how the news implied bad things about me personally.

I probably started worrying about how to get on my mom's good side, so she wouldn't do anything bad to me. I may have walked out into the hallway. Oates may have told me not to worry about anything.