Tuesday, February 5, 2013

mom's hospital arrangements

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was at a hospital or nursing home or rehab center to visit my mother. I may have been there with some other family members. My mom was probably getting moved to some other section of the place. She may have been in the middle of the move, so we couldn't see her.

I went out of the building I'd been in, which was the building my mother had originally been staying in, to find out where my mother would go next. I may have heard, or even received a paper saying, that some other building had information on where my mom would be next.

The outside area was a big, sunny, but kind of dry lawn. There were a few small buildings dotting the edges of the lawn. A lot of people seemed to be out here.

I was reading that there were four different buildings. Each building had something to do with a nationality -- either they spoke that language or helped people from that region or something. The four buildings were Chinese, Japanese, North Korean, and South Korean.

I knew there were language differences between each building. The slip of paper I read illustrated this fact by showing a common word in each of the four languages. I couldn't figure how the North Korean and South Korean languages differed. But I figured I wouldn't ask or bring up the point with anybody. I didn't want to insult anyone.

I may have determined that I had to go to the Chinese building, or else I may have determined that my mom would be in the Chinese building, but that I needed to go to some general administrative building to confirm that.

I was now in a small, kind of rundown hallway of a building. The walls were white but dirty. The place felt a little scary. About halfway down the hallway I saw a nurse and one other hospital worker turning up the hallway from a corridor off to the left.

The nurse seemed to be blind. Her eyes were totally white. I made some kind of singing noise as I passed the nurse, to alert her to my presence. I wondered, as I passed the nurse, how she got by so well as a nurse when she was completely blind. I might have figured that that was a dumb thought, considering how well blind people get along in life in general.

I was now "at home," which may possibly have been where my whole family lived. I somehow knew that my mom was coming back home from the hospital/nursing home. This was kind of a surprise for me, as I'd thought she'd need a bit more time to rest and heal. But now she came walking through the door.

I may have been in the kitchen. My mom may have said that she needed me to help her get some of her things in order. I knew my mom had a bunch of movies in her room. I thought I could arrange her movies. I liked doing that, and, I now remembered, I'd actually arranged movies for my brother in a really neat, orderly way.

My mom's bedroom was right next to the kitchen. I stood in the hallway, often looking into both doorways at once. My mom knelt before her bed. Her bedroom was extremely cluttered. My mom pulled out a clear plastic bin of movies. She explained that the movies were to be arranged for my little niece.

We started arranging the movies. The boxes were like a hybrid of DVD cases and videocassette cases. The setup was different from the setup presented in my brother's collection, so I had to think of a different way of arranging things. I imagined arranging the movies in rows that would run the width of the plastic bin.