Saturday, March 3, 2012

bus and ferry; bees on hands

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in a huge parking lot that was probably out in the middle of a forest. I had probably been on a big bus. But the bus had broken down. I had a few of my bags out on the asphalt beside the bus. A few other people were probably also standing outside the bus with me.

There was another bus. I got onto it. It was now heading away. It had driven off the parking lot and was just now starting to head up a forest road. I was probably standing near the front of the bus, asking the bus driver, a woman, if this bus was going to the right place. The woman probably told me yes.

I was a little uneasy about taking the bus, even still. I didn't want to go to the wrong place. But I figured the woman knew what she was talking about. I should just relax and listen to her.

Now I remembered that I'd left my bags out by the first bus. I hadn't forgotten them there: I'd left them there for a reason. But now I began to feel a bit uneasy about it. I didn't want people stealing my bags. Before, I'd felt like I could trust them there. I was still trying to maintain that trust. But I couldn't I was too afraid somebody would steal my bags.

I asked to be let off the bus. I hurried back to the first bus. But now the bus was something like a white ferry-boat.

The boat must have been docked sideways, because I could see a lot of the side of the boat. It went up about three levels, and the sides were all open. There were a lot of people sitting on all the levels of the boat. Many of them may have been dressed up in white suits, like something people from the late 1800s or early 1900s may have worn.

I heard somebody calling my name from one of the higher up levels. It sounded like kids. I figured the kids were my nephews. But I knew they were different people. (I may have thought of myself as a different person at this point, possibly even as some attractive, wealthy, young woman.) I also knew that the kids were purposely calling in a voice that would taunt and scare me.

Eventually a narrator's voice began talking about why the kids were using the scary voice. The person I had been was now a person I was aware of in the third-person. She was a woman getting onto the ferry.

The narrator said that the children were trying to scare the woman off the ferry. But the woman wouldn't be scared: partly because she knew the kids and wouldn't be scared by them; and partly because the business she had to take care of by getting onto the ferry boat was too important.

Dream #2

I was out in an open field on a sunny day. The field may have been a bit rolling, not a level lawn. My views were often of looking up or down a slight incline of lawn.

I was with my three-year-old niece, probably my mom, and possibly some of my other relatives. My niece had gotten something sweet and sticky on her hands. A bee was now attracted to her.

My niece was afraid of the bee. But I told her not to be afraid. I said that the bee would most likely just land on her, gather a bit of the honey (I'm not sure I said "honey"), and fly away. But, I told my niece, if she panicked, the bee would also panic and sting her.

The bee, which was pretty big, maybe 5cm long, landed on my niece's hand or arm. It was pretty calm, although it kept on waggling its rear end so that I thought it might actually sting my niece. But my niece stayed calm.

But now a bee flew onto my hand or arm. Apparently I had sweet, sticky stuff on me, too! As soon as I saw the bee land on me, I began flinching and waving my arms. I may even have begun running around -- maybe even rolling around! -- in a panic, trying to get the bee off of me. I was sure it was going to sting me.