Thursday, March 1, 2012

got mad at mom and threw up

Good morning, everybody.

A pretty bad night last night. I was woken not long after I'd fallen asleep, and I couldn't get back to sleep until about an hour before my usual waking up time.

I was running over and over the bad parts of my day. I've been starting to feel secure at my new job. Then on Monday a few things happened to make me think I might end up being unemployed all over again. And then one of my best friends was having a really hard time. So she spoke with me on the phone. But I wasn't too receptive toward her. So I dwelt on my bad attitude for a while last night, too.

Dream #1

I was inside a house. I had an argument with my mom. My sister may have been watching the argument. She may have been surprised at the way I was acting towards my mom.

I ran out of the house. It was night. It was more like I was in front of a smallish, cheaply built apartment building than a house. The sidewalk was small, too, and looked out on a slightly busy street, even though I couldn't see any traffic -- just dark, black sky. There was probably a semi truck and trailer off to my right.

I was wearing a hooded jacket. The hood was drawn tight around my head, even though it wasn't too cold outside. I had gotten sick. I bent over the curb of the sidewalk and began throwing up in the gutter.