Friday, September 7, 2012

"all our eggs are free"

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I walked into a restaurant with a group of people, possibly family members, including my mom. The restaurant was really big, with dark wood walls and tables. Most of the space was round tables for two or four people. But along the left wall were booth tables. I sat down into a booth table.

As I was sitting down, one of my old friends from college, BR, sat down with another group of people in the booth right next to (i.e. behind) ours. As he sat down, I could hear somebody, maybe myself, in my head, mentioning how the selling point of this restaurant was that in all their breakfasts, they offered eggs for free. The restaurant's motto was "all our eggs are free." I could see an omelette-like egg folding in my mind's eye.

BR, seeing me, decided to start up a little joking exchange. So he called out to me, as if we'd been laughing about this slogan together, "How about your ----- [can't remember] eggs?"

I said, "They're free!" I didn't say anything after that. But BR kept staring at me, and I realized that now it was my turn. So I said, "How about your..." I had to look off into the distance to visualize a kind of egg. "Sunny side up eggs?"

BR said, "They're free! How about your scrambled eggs?"

I said, "They're free!" But I really couldn't remember any other kinds of eggs. So I just decided to get absurd. I said, "How about a glass full of raw eggs, but you mix it up and put a straw in it and drink it like a shake?"

BR said, "They're free!" BR then asked about another kind of egg. But as he was doing so, something was happening at my table that was causing me to lose focus. I was looking down at the table, maybe at a menu.

I realized I had lost focus and missed BR's cue. I looked back up and said, "They're free! How about your..." I wanted to mention an egg dish made out of egg shells, with no more substance in them. But before I could say anything, something else happened at my table to make me lose focus.