Sunday, September 16, 2012

karate training; silver and gold left arm; death before marriage?

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was outdoors, walking out along a barren plot of land. I was probably heading from one building to another. There were some big, strong men all around. I felt like they were thinking of doing me harm, so I wanted to get through the area as quickly as possible.

But one of the men grabbed my arm to stop me. He spun me around. He was a black man, not much taller than I, but way more muscular. He wore a karate outfit that was light blue. His karate belt was a darker shade of blue. He also wore sunglasses, which may have been tinted blue somehow. He may also have been wearing a broad-brimmed hat.

The man pulled out both of my arms so that they were extended in front of me. He had my hands balled into fists and put the fists next to each other. He then began patting my hands like they were mounds of dough that he was patting out for bread. I couldn't tell whether he was trying to train me or fight me. I thought I'd be ready for his next move, whatever it was. I thought he'd probably try some surprise move to test my reflexes. So I figured I'd be as on guard as I possibly could.

Dream #2

I walked from some other place, where I'd been taking care of something, into an office. I stood before some man who was sitting at a cubicle. I could see beyond the cubicle to some windows outside, where it was dark.

The man took my left arm. He examined it closely (though I feel now that he may also have kissed my hand). He acted surprised and said that my hand looked strange. I looked down. My hand and a good portion of my arm up to my elbow were gold, like they'd been painted with gold paint or drawn on with gold marker. I looked at my arm for a bit longer. I saw how the gold tailed off, in almost fire-like patterns, and how most of the rest of my arm up to my elbow was then silver.

I told the man that was nothing to worry about. I said I'd done something where I'd painted myself gold. But the paint or marker I'd used was more permanent than I'd thought it would be. Nothing bad had happened to my arm. It would just be golden for a while.

Dream #3

A movie with Adam Sandler. It was getting toward the end of the movie. Adam Sandler was about to get married to the love interest of the film. But everything about the wedding ceremony was irreverent. There was something weird looking about the cake. There may also have been an old, scraggly guy near the cake, either eating the cake or eyeing it all the time.

The woman Adam Sandler was getting married to was going to do herself up to look masculine or boyish. She may even have been planning to wear men's clothes instead of a wedding dress.

At the front of the audience there were two gigantic, plastic heads, done in an amusement park-like style, made to look like the heads of two little girls. The two little girls had their mouths open wide and their tongues rolled out of their mouths, touching in the center, so that it was like these little girl heads were giving each other an erotic kiss. Adam Sandler and his bride would walk out of the mouths and meet in the center of the tongues to get married.

Adam Sandler was walking toward the back of the little girl head he'd be walking through. He was accompanied by a whole group of people, with a mother and a father on either side of him. He was dressed as a woman, but not as a bride. He wore a pink sweater and some kind of skirt. He had a shoulder-length, red-brown wig on. He may have been holding a bouquet of flowers. He was giving his standard, shy-ish, high, fast-talking girl act. For some reason I found this really hilarious and laughed a lot.

Suddenly Adam Sandler saw something and became very serious. He began running toward the other head. The view now switched to the walkway leading up to the bride's head. There was a doorway opening to the walkway. Beyond that doorway was a stairwell. A group of nymph-like women dressed in bridesmaids outfits were carrying down two stretchers. One of the stretchers held the bride. I don't know what the other carried: maybe a huge bouquet of flowers.

The bride lay unconscious, in full bridal dress, and surrounded by flowers, on the stretcher. It became clear that she was close to death. It seemed to me that one thread in the plot of this movie had been about the woman being sick and possibly in danger of death. It seemed to me that Adam Sandler and the woman were getting married at just the right moment. I'd even almost forgotten about the woman's illness. But now it seemed to me like the woman would die before she could get married.


UPDATE: Added illustration to dream #3, September 17, 2012, 7:49 PM, Mountain Standard Time.