Thursday, September 6, 2012

attacking mom; foxes and wolves

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in a huge room, like the Rose Main Reading Room of the New York Public Library, with my family. The section of the room we were in was all cluttered with blankets. Either I or my mom was holding up my little niece.

Suddenly, my mom decided to spray me directly in the face with perfume. The perfume had a purple kind of smell. I was angry that my mom had sprayed my face. I can't stand anything getting in my face. So I ducked. I cursed at my mom. My mom said she couldn't see why I was getting so upset over it. Besides, my mom said, my niece had a medical condition where she needed to be sprayed in the face. So my mom would spray whenever she felt like it. My mom sprayed me again.

My mom was now running away, with a small group of people, maybe family members, or maybe some of her friends. I began running really quickly after my mom. I finally caught up with her and grabbed her around her neck. I shook my mom by the neck a few times. I then stopped and walked away. I knew that what I had done just then had injured my mom enough so that she would die soon. But now that I knew I had injured my mom to the point where she would die, I felt terribly guilty.

Dream #2

I was standing out at the back end of the back yard of the house my family lived in while I was in high school. I stood up on some deck-like structure built just beside the garage. The deck was bounded by a chain link fence which went up to about my sternum.

I saw a huge "fox" stalking through our backyard. It then jumped over the fence and onto the deck. I was afraid it was going to kill and eat me. But it just kind of snuggled with me for a second. It then walked down the steps of the deck behind me and walked into a forest-like area. I was surprised that the fox had been so gentle.

I now saw another animal, though, stalking up out of the woods, from where the fox had been. I told myself the animal was a cheetah (though the animal was kind of fat for a cheetah). I was certain it could smell the fox on me. I thought the cheetah would be mad to smell the fox on me. The cheetah was "my type" of animal. So by letting the fox put its scent on me, I was betraying the cheetah.

But the cheetah disappeared, and now a huge wolf (which I may have called a coyote) stalked up from the woods. The wolf had fur as brown as a buffalo's. I could tell the animal was angry at the fox, though I'm not sure the anger had anything to do with me. The way was coming my way, not to attack me, but to jump over the fence and into the backyard. The wolf would fight the fox in the backyard.

I turned to look at the backyard. I could see the fox back there. The grass was really tall, and the fox was crouching down into the grass, hiding itself so it could attack the wolf by surprise. The wolf jumped over the fence. It suddenly occurred to me that the fox wasn't very well hidden. The grass didn't seem so tall, after all.

But now I saw a second fox hiding in the grass. The wolf was in the center of the two foxes, with something like a wild turkey hanging dead in its jaws. I knew the poorly hidden fox, on the wolf's left, was a decoy. The wolf would attack that fox, and the second fox would come up from behind and attack the wolf. But for some reason I didn't know whether that would work. The wolf seemed way too strong to beat.

Now there was a second wolf. And now it seemed to me that the wolves and foxes were evenly matched, and that there would be a fair fight. The fight must have begun. But time passed, and it was now dark outside. I had been behind some wall this entire time. I now looked around the wall. I knew the fight was over. I figured I could tell who'd won by seeing what bodies were left in the yard. I feared that all four bodies would be found lying in the yard.

But I couldn't see the yard. It was too dark. So I switched on a light switch, like for a ceiling light. It may have been daytime. My mom walked down into the yard from the house. I told my mom, somewhat astonished, that there had been a fight between wolves and foxes here just over the past evening. My mom said, "What? You think that's a big deal? I've seen stuff like that before. It's nothing new. It's just a part of nature."