Thursday, October 4, 2012

radiation suits; lost and found and niece

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was out in some suburban neighborhood during the day. My view was really low, as if I were kneeling or seeing from a child's point of view. A group of men stood over me. They were all dressed in cream-white, plastic or latex outfits that went over their whole bodies, including their heads, kind of like radiation suits. The faces seemed to have green, plastic rings where the mouths would be. The rest of the headpieces kind of wrinkled around the heads. The men may all have been heading to one specific house.

Dream #2

I was probably at work, in the back area of some store. The store actually seemed to have two back areas. One was a stocking area for products that would be pulled and given directly to the customers. Then there was an area behind that. At first I was in the area behind this stocking area. I'm not sure what the area was or what I was doing there.

I may have heard an old woman, who worked as a customer clerk in the front area, speaking to a young woman about a lost item, which the older woman had in the stocking area. The older woman gave the young woman the lost item. But the young woman was still in the stocking area.

I now realized that the older woman still had two lost items. They were both with her up in the front area. I thought these items might have belonged to the young woman. So I walked into the stocking area and found the young woman.

As we stood looking at the thin, backless shelves, I told the woman, "That older woman has two more missing items up in the front area with her. They're both bags. I didn't know if you were missing two bags. But I thought I might let you know, just in case you were missing them and the old woman had let you think she'd given you everything she had."

The young woman didn't respond. I thought that maybe the bags weren't the young woman's. Now the older woman walked back into the stocking area to get some sales items. She somehow made it known to me that she knew I was telling the young woman about the other missing items. My actions obviously meant I was second-guessing the older woman's actions. This could, I knew, make the older woman angry with me. And since the older woman held a senior position to me in this company, it also meant she could fire me.

I left the store, possibly obeying some command the older woman had given me. I was now out in a huge parking lot. My family was there. Either I was or they were getting into a car to drive away. My little niece ran up to me to give me a hug goodbye. I knelt down and hugged her.

As we hugged, my niece told me something about how she was being taken away to some place that she didn't like. It seemed like members of my family were taking my niece away to this place because they didn't like her or want her to develop as a person. I wished I could stop my niece from being taken away. But I didn't know how.