Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the exploding wall

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

It was night. My viewpoint was from out on a street, looking up toward the third or fourth floor of a concrete building. The wall had blown out in a small section of the building, revealing a room that looked like a private bath or sauna. The rest of the outside of the building was bathed in an amber glow, like a fire was burning somewhere across the street.

The view now drifted upward, so I could see a few people standing in the hole gaping in the wall. The light was out in the room, so that everything was illuminated only by the amber glow. A couple of the people standing near the hole were stereotypical detectives in khaki trench coats and fedoras. In the center of the detectives stood a sexy, but kind of old, woman with platinum blonde hair, tan, but weathered, skin, and wearing a black mini-dress.

It was now understood that the woman worked for some kind of service that employed beautiful women. The manager of these women had been an aging, overweight, bald man. When the wall had exploded, the man had fallen to his death. He may have been wearing only a tank top and boxers at the time.

The detectives asked something like, had this ever happened before? The woman said that nothing like this had ever happened before. Apparently this place was something like a bath house or sauna house, with room after room of private baths and saunas. The woman said that bad or weird things had happened in the rooms. For instance, people had been found sick and dead in the rooms.

Also, the woman said, people had been discovered having "weird sex" in the rooms. This conjured up an image in my mind of two women having sex by scissoring in a kind of sitting position, with each woman having one of her legs in a regular downward position, with her feet on the floor, and the other leg high up in the air.

The woman and the detectives were now walking back down through the hallway between the rooms. The light in the hallway was dim and amber as well, like it also was lit only by whatever light was burning out on the street.