Thursday, March 21, 2013

avoiding old co-workers; it's not a date?!; the giant worm

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was apparently at my new job, though the building looked something like an art gallery. I had walked from a back area into a front room, something like a small reception area or lobby. A woman sat at the front desk.

The walls may have been made of large, white, tile-like squares. I may possibly have seen through the cracks between the tiles -- or possibly through the walls themselves, somehow -- to see that some people from my previous job were coming into this place. The people were walking through a dirt parking lot or a yellow-skied, desert-like landscape, and were right near the front door.

I had had a really terrible time with the people at my previous job (mostly, to be fair, due to my own bad emotional state at the time), and I didn't want those people to know where I worked nowadays. So as they approached the door I tried to hide myself. I did some weird thing where I threw myself on the ground and slid under a wall-mounted coat rack that was piled full with coats. I probably slid along like a worm, with my back to the wall, although I could see, maybe even see through, a tall, narrow window near the coats.

I eventually moved (by creeping or walking?) through a white-walled, white-lit hallway, and into a back area, which may have consisted of one or two unlit, empty, plaster-walled rooms. I milled around back there, knowing that the people from my job were out in the front area. I was waiting for them to leave. But now it sounded like they were coming back here. I had to find a way to get out of here.

I walked out the two rooms. Before the two rooms and behind the hallway was some kind of unfinished space -- just concrete floors, frames, and wires. On the wall to my right was a door leading outside. I headed for it.

But just as I headed for the door, two Hispanic men, whom I recognized as being from my job, though I didn't know who they were, walked in. The two men looked a little old and roughened. At least one of them may have worn black sunglasses.

The men were polite. They smiled shyly at me. They seemed only vaguely to recognize me. But I still worried that they would spread news about someone who looked like me to everybody else who'd come here. And I really didn't want the people who knew me well to know I worked here. But I also felt like the people were going to tell on me, anyway. I thought it wasn't any use trying to leave the building now. I figured I might as well follow the two men, even though I knew they were heading toward the people who knew me.

Dream #2

It was a sunny day. I was out in some area that felt like a long, narrow city park (kind of like Riverside Park in New York City), but also had some feeling of being an amusement park. There were probably a lot of people around, heading from ride to ride, though I really saw neither the people nor the rides.

I was somehow interacting with my co-worker SC, possibly through speaking, but likely through email or texting. But I probably never actually saw the phone on which I was texting.

SC and I had previously arranged to meet sometime. But I had kind of been dragging my feet to meet with her. So I was telling SC why I'd been dragging my feet. I told SC that I felt like I looked really ugly at the moment, and that I hadn't really been taking care of stuff, like my clothes and eyeglasses. I told SC that I didn't think I'd want her to go out on a date with someone who was as much of a mess as I.

SC responded that I was being really silly. We weren't, after all, even going out on a date! We were just making plans to hang out together, as friends. So if we were just hanging out as friends, why should I worry about how I looked, or whether I was a mess? SC said it all seemed really vain, in her opinion.

As SC said all of this, I walked down a small, shallow slope. Set into the slope was a concrete frame with wooden doors, like the entrance to a storm cellar. I also had the feeling of people, maybe in park worker uniforms, rushing around nearby, like in a battle scene.

I lay along the right side of the concrete frame and began texting SC -- even though I still may not have seen my phone. I responded that I agreed with what SC said, and that I should be less worried. But I was also a litle disappointed. She didn't think we were going out on a date? Why not?!

Dream #3

It was probably late afternoon in the suburbs, with a cool, grey-blue sky overhead. I'd walked out, probably from a backyard, and into a front yard. But the front yard seemed more like pavement than lawn.

I lifted my leg to get over a gigantic worm. I then stood near a mailbox. It took me a second, but I then realized that I'd just stepped over a gigantid worm. I turned around to look at it. The worm was an earthworm, but at least two meters long and maybe 25cm in diameter. It was lingering in a patch of mud-slicked, wet pavement. Its body was mostly plump and round, though its back end was kind of shriveled and purple. I noticed that it had fine, white hairs (???) all along its body.

I pulled out my phone, hoping to take a picture of the worm, so I could prove to people outside my dream (???), especially my ex-girlfriend H, that I'd seen the worm. But as soon as I pointed the phone at the worm, the worm began moving, kind of quickly.

The worm squirmed into the street and then up the street. I stood for a moment, trying to catch it. I may have taken one photo of the worm. But the photo may have been blurry, and it may have made the worm look really small.

I tried to follow after the worm, but now it began moving really quickly. It may even have begun hopping away. A car or two drove down the road. The worm barely missed getting hit. Then another car drove down the road. The worm somehow used that car as a distraction. It headed quickly for the curb as the car passed between it and me. When the car had passed, the worm, it seemed to me, had vanished. I looked around for a few seconds, but I could no longer see the worm.