Tuesday, March 26, 2013

sex with diapered co-worker

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I walked into a big bathroom like a public restroom and locker room for a gym. The light was bright and green-white fluorescent. I may have felt like there was a smell of urine in the air.

One of my old co-workers FA stood in the restroom. She and I may have been getting ready to go somewhere as part of work or school. But FA was wearing a dress, and somehow the skirt pulled up to reveal that FA was wearing a diaper. FA was now sitting on the ground, her legs spread wide open to show the diaper.

FA was embarrassed. Apparently she liked me (I've always had a crush on her -- she's married now) and she thought that I wouldn't like her if I knew she wore diapers.

I partly wanted to comfort FA and let her know I would like her no matter what. But I was also turned on by the fact that she was wearing a diaper. I put my face closer to FA's diaper. It looked like she'd peed in it a little. I probably then moved myself upward to I could embrace FA. Her dress was pushed up all the way up over her shoulders. I embraced FA's naked chest.

FA was getting hot, but she didn't want to act like she was. She seemed to be a little annoyed by me. I think she didn't want to admit she liked me (this would kind of make sense -- she's tall and beautiful, and I'm short and nerdy.) But she also didn't want to stop me from doing anything.

I stood up and pulled one of FA's legs up. I then straddled her leg and started working my way down FA's leg. I was planning on doing something like scissoring with FA: I was stripped down to just my boxer briefs, and I really wanted to rub my crotch against FA's diaper.

But for some reason I was having so much difficulty just working my way back down into a sitting position. I thought to myself, Man! Scissoring isn't as easy as it looks! FA may have been patient with me, trying not to act like I was being awkward. Or FA may have had not personality at all at this point: she may have been like a doll or mannequin.

I now noticed that off to my right was a half-wall divider revealing a living room. The living room looked like an older woman's living room, and it was dim, with watery, green daylight flowing in through a gauzy-curtained front window.

My mom was in the living room with one or two other people. She may have looked over and called to me, to let me know it was time for us to take care of some stuff. My mom either didn't see the position I was in, or else she wanted to act like she didn't see, so I wouldn't be embarrassed.