Friday, March 29, 2013

latex transvestite interview; youzakura

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in a very small bedroom, like a bedroom in a double-wide trailer, with a beautiful, blonde woman. I stood close to and facing the woman, who stood with her back to a small chair.

The woman and I were apparently on some kind of television show. We had gone through some sort of interaction, and we were now being interviewed, or we were interviewing each other, about it. But I couldn't see the camera. It was almost like we were playing that we were on TV, even though we really were on TV.

The interview basically became about the fact that when the woman and I had gone on a date, we'd worn the same clothes. The woman was still wearing the clothes she'd worn on the night of the date, including a yellow, knee-length skirt that had a hem like the cuff for the sleeve of a long-sleeved shirt and bunched loosely out in lazy pleats up to the waist.

I asked the woman what her reaction had been to me coming to our date wearing a dress. The woman gave her reaction instead of talking about it. The woman acted accepting, but shaky and a little reticent. It became obvious that the woman was a little jealous, wondering if I'd stolen her clothes.

We kind of changed positions a bit, so I was now facing the door, which had been to my right before. The woman's skirt was still loose and yellow, but was now made of latex. The woman told me something, possibly more accepting of me than she'd been before.

We changed positions again, so that I was now facing the back wall, with my back to the chair. The woman's entire outfit may now have been made of latex, and it was probably much tighter. The woman told me she actually thought it was hot that I had been dressed in the same clothes as she (i.e. the tight latex outfit).

The woman's outfit may have changed again, to a completely skin-tight, almost transparent, latex outfit. I was wearing the same thing. I knew the woman wanted to get on all fours and have me go at her from behind -- without either of us taking off our suits! This seemed really impractical, even uncomfortable, but really arousing.

Dream #2

It was night. I was walking down the middle of a wide street, like a busy street of stores and parking lots in a suburban city. But there were also cherry trees or crabapple trees growing up in the middle of the street. The trees were huge, and their canopies were filled with big, beautiful, pink and white blossoms. The blossoms' color was even more intense in the orange streetlamp light.

I felt so peaceful walking down this road. Suddenly I came to a gigantic cherry tree that seemed to fill me with its beauty. As I passed under the canopy and witnessed the beauty of the blossoms, I became much more aware of things, if not entirely aware that I was dreaming.

I knew I could fly. I decided to fly up to the top of this tree. I ran out from under the canopy, turned around, and ran back toward the canopy. Reaching the canopy, I leaped upward.

I jumped over the first layer of canopy, which was wide, but not extremely tall. Above that first layer the tree basically became a trunk clouded and swirled around with branches and limbs full of small, gentle-pink and white blossoms. I also spiraled my way (counterclockwise?) up the tree.

I clung to the tree with my left arm, like a monkey would. The sky was foggy or cloudy all around me. I looked down to the ground. It was a lot farther below me than I thought. I saw through a layer of clouds to the shimmering orange lights of a city.

I was really close to the top of the tree. I wanted to go ahead and fly up to the top. But I was already scared by how high I was. But I decided to fly up to the top, anyway. I made one last leap and reached the top of the tree. The top was round and bald, covered in dark bark, and coated in thick piles of tiny, pink and white petals.

I now knew I had to jump back down to the ground. I was really scared by how high I was. I knew that I could fly, and that I'd probably just be able to float down gently through the clouds and back down to the ground. But I worried that I either had lost my ability to fly or that I would lose it, and that, mid-flight, I'd suddenly drop down through the air and smash to the ground.

But I went ahead, took three deep breaths (which I could physically feel in my ears) and jumped. I found myself drifting downward through a thick layer of clouds. I may then have passed below the layer of clouds, so I could see the tree again as I drifted back down toward the ground.

I was suddenly called for by a group of people, probably a group of Japanese people, mostly women, in their forties and fifties. I couldn't see them: it was like they were shrouded in the blackness of the sky around me. They told me I needed to join them for a safe landing.

I somehow joined hands with the people. We had joined into a circle and were drifting down to the ground, maybe like a circle of skydivers. We landed. As soon as we landed, the darkness all went away. We were all standing out on a flat, open, treeless plain in the sunlight, under a blue sky. Everybody started walking away. It was like we had been part of some volunteer project, which was now over.