Sunday, May 20, 2012

archaeological stalker

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was at some kind of scientific excavation site, maybe an arachaeological dig. The space that had been dug in the ground was roughly circular and maybe ten meters in diameter. The earth in the circle looked more like it had been cleared by a collapse of the ground, rather than having been dug up.

There were a decent amount of people in the hole. Most of the people seemed to be engaged in some task along the edges of the hole. I'm not sure whether I knew what my task was. There was a definite leader in the hole. I was probably sticking close to the leader.

I looked closely at the walls of the hole. The soil formed a kind of set of barriers, like for a waist-high fence of horizontal-planked wood. Through the spaces between the barriers I could see into some kind of building area, like an old office building or shopping mall. I may now have realized that I was looking for somebody and that the person I was looking for was down in this area.

I was down in the area now. It was like a tall corridor, lit with greyish fluorescent lights. It seems to me now like the hallway outside the service area of a big post office. I may have been standing at a counter built into one of the walls.

I knew I was supposed to meet with someone just down the hallway. I had just been notified (through text or email?) that the people had just finished whatever they'd been doing and that they'd be ready to meet me right away.

I wanted to walk down the hallway right away. But I had the feeling that someone was stalking me, following my every move. If I made it obvious that I was directly going to meet somebody, the person who was stalking me would be especially interested in following me. So I tried to take my time and act like I wasn't going anywhere in particular.

I walked down the hallway. A way down, there was a small space on my right side, a little alcove that the doors for three classroom-like rooms opened up to. In the alcove were a few tables for people to eat or study at.

My mother either sat at one of the tables or was just walking up to it. I walked up to my mom. My mom told me that we were still waiting for my Grandma Y, my mom's stepmother.

I was relieved to see my mom. I knew that, now that I was with people I felt familiar with, the stalker would be less apt to encroach on my space so obviously and make me feel so obviously like he was stalking me. I also felt like the stalker, seeing how I actually had outside relationships with people, would stop stalking me so much because he'd see how there were people in my life to help protect me.

But I still didn't want to make it obvious that my mom, grandma, and I were taking care of any particular kind of task. If my actions seemed directed toward any sort of goal, the stalker would take that as some sort of alert that he needed to stalk me even more.

I walked over to a wall to my right. There was another counter built out of the wall. This counter had stacks and boxes of books and comic books on it. I thumbed through some of the books, hoping to look kind of leisurely, like I wasn't doing anything I cared about, and like I didn't have anything I cared about doing on my mind. I hoped this would fool the stalker.

My grandma Y came up behind me at some point and began talking to me about books. We had a short exchange and then decided it was time to go do whatever we were supposed to be doing.

But as I looked down the hallway, I saw a tall, skinny, black man, maybe in his late thirties or early forties, sitting down at a long table. He opened a laptop computer and began typing on it.

I knew this man was the stalker. He had waited for a while, peering at me from somewhere else, before he'd decided I was going to be in this one spot for a while. Once he'd figured I'd be here a while, he'd decided to sit down and use his computer for a bit.

I thought this would be the perfect time to get out of here, since it would take at least a few seconds for the stalker to shut off his computer, stand up, and start following me. But I also didn't want to look too rushed, because I didn't want to make the stalker too alert, so that he'd think he needed to follow me even more closely.

I may then have been standing outside a semi-truck at night. I may have been with a group of young guys. We may have been talking about something work-related.