Friday, May 25, 2012

holes in socks; cents per mile

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was with a few people, possibly some of my co-workers. We all had to take off our shoes for some reason, possibly as part of a game. But I was ashamed to take off my shoes. I knew I had holes in my socks. The holes went all the way across three or so of my toes. I didn't want my co-workers to see that.

Dream #2

I was sitting at work. I was in a big but flimsy room. The room had thin, plyboard kind of walls and kind of dim, fluorescent lighting. The desk I sat at was one one side of the room, kind of set near the wall. My desk was long, but the space I was in, being so close to the wall, was kind of narrow.

One of my more senior co-workers, JP, stood just behind me and over my left shoulder. He was joking with me, talking like he had never met me before and he didn't know anything about my job.

JP asked me, "How do you get paid? In dollars per hour?"

I said, "No. In cents per mile."


"Which is kind of bad, cause, sitting at this desk..."

"You don't get paid too well, do you?"

"Not much at all." I looked past my desk, over to some kind of counter and window-like hole in the wall that seemed to lead to some place like a kitchen. I thought of that place as a snack bar.

I continued. "I keep thinking I'll wheel my chair over to the snack bar and back over here a whole lot of times each day. That should kind of get my mileage up."