Tuesday, May 8, 2012

big-eyed scorpion; old friends' concert; expensive water slide

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in an apartment, either in the late afternoon or early morning. The apartment was very dim, growing dark. I stood in some area like the living room, right on the edge of the small kitchen of the apartment.

I suddenly saw a scorpion run across the kitchen floor. The scorpion was huge, maybe 15cm long. It was pale yellow, and it looked really meaty. I couldn't tell what it was at first. And even after I concluded that it was a scorpion, I wasn't sure. Its tail seemed to be tucked really close to its body.

I tried to get a closer look at the scorpion. It was at the right side of the kitchen, about to hide under some of the cabinets. But it was fidgeting about, moving very slowly. I was worrying that it would panic if I got too close, that it would unfold its tail and sting me.

The scorpion did seem to get panicked. It moved out from under the cabinets and started to move toward me. I got worried and backed up, toeing my way back to the living room area. The scorpion seemed to follow me for a bit. But then it kind of seemed to forget about me.

I was sitting on a stool, keeping my feet up a couple rungs so that the scorpion couldn't reach me. But now I wasn't so sure the thing was a scorpion, especially since the light was so dim -- maybe getting dimmer.

I tried to look closely at the scorpion, but my eyes were really fuzzy and grainy. The scorpion now seemed to have big, buggy eyes popping out of its head. The eyes were like cartoon eyes. They were egg-shaped, and they seemed to be made out of a lot of little beads or eggs.

I decided that the best way for me to judge what this thing was would be for me to catch an image of it on my phone. But the thing seemed so far away that it was hard for me to get a good view of it on my phone.

I took my stool and walked around, through a small hallway made by the back end of the kitchen wall and the wall with the front door on it, to a second entrance to the kitchen. I set my stool up in that entrance. It seemed like the scorpion was coming that way. I would get a better view of the scorpion, I figured, once the scorpion got over here.

Dream #2

I was walking to "my job." I was apparently outside, on some street. But I felt like I was on a stage, maybe even down in some basement. On the left side of this stage-like street was "my job," some brick-walled, big-windowed building like a restaurant.

As I was about to head into my work, I saw my old best friend R and his wife L standing in the doorway with a few other people. I wanted to avoid meeting with them, as I didn't really want L to know I was working here. So I figured I might go into the shop on my right, the one across the street from my job.

But somehow I decided to go talk to my old friends instead. They asked me where I was going. I told them, "To work." Somehow I knew that my friends were putting on some kind of show on the first level of this building. I worked in the basement.

I knew that my friends wanted me to take some part in whatever they were doing, something like a concert. I didn't feel like doing it, and I was using work as an excuse. I knew I could probably get out of work, if I really wanted to. But I wouldn't try.

I started feeling bad. I knew my friends would think I was just being lazy, especially L. I told my friends that I could go to their next event. They told me their event was taking place at some other restaurant. I actually felt a lot better about going to that event. It seemed better to go to some other restaurant than to have to do the event in the building I worked in.

Dream #3

I was outside on a sunny day. I was in line for something like a waters slide. I was with a family: at least an attractive woman and her little girl.

We were all walking up a colorful-plastic-coated, metal walkway, up a few steps, and then up another small staircase to our left. From that point, we were led beyond a curtain, into an indoor area. An attractive woman was ushering us into this area.

As we were going up through the line, a woman (somewhere) was telling us about some really good vacation deal. The deal was $585 per person, and it was for a family of five. In addition, the vacation people were giving a $500 discount to people signing up for the vacation.

I had some idea that this whole water slide we were in line for was somehow a part of whatever this vacation deal was. I was thinking the vacation deal may have been for spending a number of days at a water park.

But I calculated in my head, as the woman ushered me beyond the curtain, the expense of the trip. Five time $600 would be $3000. Minus four (!!!) times $15, or $60, would be $2940. Minus $500 would be $25--.

I told the woman I was walking with, "We can't do that. It's too expensive. Especially for just water slides." I was talking to the woman like I was her husband. But I also felt like I was disappointing her, so that I could never be her husband. I wondered whether she'd try to go off and find some better man.

The water slide seemed like a regular water slide as I first approached it: a plasticky flume with water flowing down it. But as I got closer, it changed. It was more like a series of ramped conveyor belts. I'm not sure where the water was. I knew that a person would slide or walk down the ramp a ways, and that a brightly colored, plasticky, boat-like vessel would come up to meet the person and take him on the rest of his ride.

It was about to be my turn. Behind me in line were a bunch of young, very attractive women, like college girls. They all seemed to be talking kind of friendly, almost like they were trying to be friendly with me personally.

But now we somehow knew -- possibly because the ushering lady had told us -- that the water slide wasn't working for the moment. There was some problem with the little boats. They weren't being sent out. We had to wait until they were being sent out for the ride to start back up.

But the woman I had come here with had already gone down the slide. The first conveyor belt ramp went down about twenty meters. It was then intersected by a horizontal conveyor belt, which ran from right to left. The boats may have been supposed to meet people at this point. Then there was another conveyor belt down.

The woman stood on the horizontal conveyor belt. She looked up to me, kind of confused, wondering why I wasn't coming down and why she wasn't going anywhere. The woman may have been wearing a wedding dress.

Possibly because I didn't want to look ineffectual in front of the pretty girls, I yelled down to the woman that the ride was stopped because of the boats. I told her it should be starting again soon. But the woman still seemed to be uncomfortable in her situation. So I may have decided to walk down the conveyor belt to stand with the woman while we waited for the ride to restart.