Sunday, May 13, 2012

nefertiti's shadow; big screen youtube diaper girl; hot day boy

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in a car with my mom at night. We were driving along a very dark street and past a tall museum or library that stood in the center of a deep lawn. The museum, was tall, narrow, and octagonal, with a domed roof, somewhat like the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. The darkness of the surroundings and the light on the building gave me a visual sense of being in a grainy, black and white movie.

I knew that the famous bust of Queen Nefertiti was on display at this museum. I knew that somehow, even from this distance, one could get a glimpse of the bust, or at least a fragment of it, from over some wall.

I now saw something that appeared to be the edge of the statue. I pointed it out to my mom. What it ended up being, though, was something like a reflection and something like a shadow, cast up onto a ceiling or a high portion of a wall. It was like the top part of the outside wall was missing, revealing the tops of the inside walls of the room where the Nefertiti sculpture was located.

The reflection was like the reflection of the flat top of Nefertiti's headdress. It showed, in the oval shape of the flat top, something like the stamp of a cobra hieroglyph. Just to the right of this reflection was the shadow of the top half of Nefertiti's headdress. These images were very large against the ceiling.

My brother was now in the car. I was explaining something about all of this to him. I may have been telling him how this use of imagery was a teaser, to whet people's appetites, so they'd want to come into the museum to see the actual sculpture. We may soon afterwards have passed out of sight of the museum.

Dream #2

I was in bed in a kind of big room. On the wall beyond the foot of my bed was a giant flat screen TV. It took up almost half the wall. The room was dark, other than from the light it received from the TV screen. The TV seemed to be playing something off of YouTube.

But now the program had finished. A multi-screen screen appeared, like at the end of YouTube videos, where suggestions are listed, like little mini-screens, of what to watch next. But these mini-screens were all in something like lists, in rows and columns. Each row dealt with one specific video. The columns were different criteria regarding each video.

Apparently, all these videos were videos I had downloaded. I was getting a lot of criticism for my downloads. One column in particular dealt with dialogue, possibly ambient dialogue, in videos. In a number of my video downloads, it was claimed, I'd broken some ambient dialogue rule. The dialogue sounded real and natural. But people were claiming I'd scripted it all for recording, which was against the rules.

As far as I could tell, all the videos I'd downloaded had been from parties I'd gone to. All the thumbnail images were of dark, clublike settings, with pretty, drunk girls in view. I thought it should have been obvious that the dialogue in situations like that would be ambient, not scripted. So the claims against me had to be wrong.

And, at least for a few videos, the criticism against my downloads was a lot more specific. I actually felt like I could argue even more effectively against the more specific arguments. But the specifics were written so small in each cell that I couldn't read them from bed.

I stood up and walked to the screen. The screen was like a touchscreen, and even though the screen was so large and high up that I could only touch the bottom portion of it, I was managing to manipulate the imagery on the screen by touching the screen

I now realized that my downloads had actually been downloads of fetish videos. They all seemed to involve a preteen girl who wore diapers. I knew that this kind of stuff should probably have been kicked off of YouTube right from the start. But I was also excited and intrigued by the thumbnail images for the videos. I wanted to watch a video.

It was kind of a hassle to get access to a video -- but I can't remember why. But finally I got access to one of the videos. The girl in the video was on all fours, turned away from the screen. She kept on jiggling her bottom up and down really fast. It was supposed to be sexy or imitative of sex. But it struck me as silly and awkward.

I was now in some place that was possibly supposed to be a store. But it was more like a covered walkway in between two small buildings, like is sometimes seen in school or other multi-building institutional architecture, except with shelves like grocery store shelves in certain places. The sun was gentle and golden.

I was in between two rows of shelves. At least one set of shelves was filled with packs of diapers. The imagery on the diaper packs was mostly white and red. But there also appeared to be some rainbow lettering that made the packages seem more colorful than they really were.

Some man got my attention. I walked out from the shelves. The man was tall, a little chubby, possibly Hispanic, with dark, coppery skin. He wore a yellow t-shirt and had round, purple-lensed eyeglasses.

The man mentioned the videos I'd been watching. I knew it was no use trying not to sound interested in the videos. The man already knew I'd been aroused by them. So I simply asked the man how I could see more videos like that.

The man told me something that had to do with paying more attention to the packages of diapers I'd been looking at. The diapers themselves, or the sale of the diapers, was somehow linked to gaining more access to the videos.

The man walked away. I went back to look at the diapers. I may possibly have continued some kind of conversation in my head with the man.

Dream #3

I was in a car, possibly with my mother. We were probably driving through some parking lot at the edge of some kind of wide park or natural area.

There was some covered seating area, something like a bus stop, at the end of the parking lot. A few kids were hanging out around there.

I was in kind of a hurry to get home. I had some new access to some kind of fetish video -- probably diapered kids, like in the previous dream. I wanted to get home as soon as possible, so I could watch it.

But my mom saw the kids playing all around the shelter. She sped down to the shelter and swung-curved her car around to a stop near the shelter.

A little boy with light brown skin, really curly hair, and glasses ran up to the car. He looked kind of nerdy. But he also looked like a pain in the neck: a kid with kind of messy habits, no boundaries, and a tendency to do stupid things just because it annoyed people.

My mom had all the car doors open, so that the kid could get in if he wanted. My mom hadn't said anything straight out, but she was somehow indicating that she'd give the boy a ride home if he wanted it.

I didn't want to give the boy a ride home. I knew from experience that a ride home with him would be annoying as hell. But I also worried that the fetish material I was so excited about might be in the car right now. I didn't want to violate any kids by letting them see it.

At first it seemed like the boy didn't want a ride home, anyway. It seemed like he was going to try and be independent. The bus he was waiting for would arrive soon, anyway.

But suddenly the boy said, "But, man! Is it hot as heck outside today!" I knew this meant that the boy was going to want a ride home now.

I was somehow on the driver's side of the car, even though I may also still have been on the passenger side. The car was also really low to the ground, too.

The kid stood right next to me. I knew he was going to want to get in. I didn't want him to come in. But I knew he'd get in anyway. He'd already been given the invitation.