Friday, May 4, 2012

too many dinners; brother wants to strangle me

Good morning, everybody. This post was from 5/4/12. I thought I'd published it. But it looks like I'd only saved it. So I'm publishing it now.

Dream #1

I was in a car with one of my co-workers, LM. LM was driving. We ended up going to some small restaurant, maybe like a fast food restaurant. It was like LM was ordering some meal or something for some other event. LM then told me that since I'd come with her to this restaurant, that she would give me dinner as a reward.

I was looking forward to this dinner. But now I was in the car with LM and a group of other people, possibly a few younger people. LM was in the front passenger seat now, and I was in one of the back seats, maybe the back middle seat.

Somebody had brought LM two or three bags with styrofoam containers in them. The containers were all full of dinner meals. LM had been given these meals as a kind of present. She was expected to eat them all pretty soon.

I understood this would mean that LM would likely not get dinner with me today. But I also thought that maybe what would happen would be that LM would expect me to eat these containers with her and then to eat a dinner with her, too. I knew that would be way too much for my weak stomach to handle.

LM opened up one of the packages. It was filled with rich food, like some sort of steak coated in a heavy gravy. I knew this was way too much. I probably wouldn't share this with LM. And she'd probably be too full after eating it to have another dinner with me.

Dream #2

I was in some room like a kitchen with my brother and some woman, possibly my mother. The kitchen was small and narrow. My brother stood at one narrow end of the kitchen. My mother somehow stood at my brother's right. My brother was maybe 15cm taller than he is in waking life.

My mother asked my brother to tell me how sometimes he felt like strangling me. I asked my brother why he sometimes felt like strangling me. My brother got really mad. He towered over me, almost seeming to make a gesture toward strangling me right then and there. He shouted something at me like, "Because you're always so damn frustrating!"