Sunday, May 27, 2012

writing someone else's report; rogemmstein

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in some place like a living room with some friend, possibly my old friend R. My friend knew that I was about to go meet with some man who wrote papers.

My friend wanted me to approach the writer to see if the writer would write a paper, or parts of a paper that my friend had been assigned to write. My friend may possibly have thought that if the man at least wrote some of the difficult passages, it would be easy for my friend to finish the rest.

I was now in a different room, also like a living room, with the man. I was about to ask the man if he would be able to write the report, or the passages in the report, for my friend, even though I felt bad about asking something like this.

But before I could ask, the man started talking about something, probably about how busy he was on some project. I knew this meant the man would not be able to help write anything for my friend. In fact, I felt like I was here to help the man, not to ask favors of him.

Dream #2

There may have been some kind of accident or disaster involving buildings in some town. Someone may have needed to write a report about the incident. But I knew that the report was still missing a lot of details. Nevertheless, I knew that most of the report could just be written with stock material, and that the actual details could be filled in later.

Now I saw a street corner in the downtown area of some city. I was looking at a three- or four-story, white-painted concrete building. There was a wooden sign over the door with a name like "Rogemmstein" burned into it. The name Rogemmstein was a condensation, I knew, of the names Rogers and Hammerstein. There may have actually been one more name condensed in there.

Some bad incident had occurred in this building. It may have been something like a single or multiple murder, or it may have been something like an accident with the material of the building or a natural disaster.

I knew a report needed to be written on the incident. But there were still a lot of details missing regarding the incident. But I knew that I could write most of the report from standard stock material. Then, when the details of this incident started coming in, I could fill in the blanks of the report with these details.