Saturday, December 22, 2012

i've never read harry potter

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in some room, staring at the front of a wooden piece of furniture, like a set of cabinets or something. The light of the room may have been bluish grey.

I was talking to a woman or a couple of women about some author. The author, probably a woman, was really cynical and always tried to make herself sound really smart. She may have made fun of something in pop culture that had to do with Harry Potter. But she may also have written a book that was like Harry Potter, even though she may have been claiming it was better.

I thought this was really funny. I said that even I could tell that the woman was using a lot of motifs one would think would come from Harry Potter. I said nobody should make fun of Harry Potter and then try to write like Harry Potter if they weren't at least going to read it.

Then one of the girls asked what I'd read from Harry Potter. I said, "Actually, ... None. I haven't read anything from Harry Potter. And I know it's important, because those books were such a phenomenon. Just the amount of books that were sold. If you want to write a book and have it sell lots of copies, you should probably read Harry Potter. But I haven't."

I was now looking over to my left. Across the pale grey floor from me was a closed door, like a bedroom door, like I was now in a bedroom. I may have been there by myself.

There was a crack under the door that seemed to be only an inch or so tall. But my mom somehow managed to edge three books, all stacked up, under the crack. Only the corners of the books came into the room. But I could see the full spines of the books. They were all old Nancy Drew mystery books.

My mom called out something from behind the door like, "I found these for you. You left your books out in the garage. So I brought them in for you. I know how much you like them. I didn't want you to feel like you were missing them."

I may have been a little ashamed, wondering what the girls I had been/was still talking to would think of me for liking such an old -- and girly! -- book series as the Nancy Drew series.