Sunday, December 23, 2012

matchmaker casino; communion baby

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in some place like a fun center or a casino. It was probably daytime. It seemed like most of the light in the room came from natural light from tall window walls at the front of the place. The carpets were probably grey-blue. There were rows and rows of touchscreen arcade games or gambling games. The room tiered up on the right side to another level of machines.

I had probably just walked down a little staircase from the top tier. I was walking with determination, as if I were involved with some task that I no longer remember.

I turned to my left and walked up an aisle of gaming machines. Most of the machines were taken by people. But a couple of the end machines and another machine farther up, which I probably thought of as machine number three, possibly because it was the third from the opposite end of the row, were empty.

I went toward machine number three, feeling like that machine was specifically related to my task. As I did, a tall, white, bald man wearing a pale blue, button-up shirt and dark pants (jeans?) rushed up from behind me. It seemed like he'd noticed me going for number three, so now he wanted it, and he was going to cut me off from it.

But I threw out my arms and blocked the man from heading toward the machine. I had to use some pretty good force to hold him back. I may have felt bad as I approached number three's screen. I felt now that possibly I had been the one to block the man, and that I had done it because I had seen him going for the machine first. I may possibly not have known now whether I had needed to use number three in order to accomplish my task.

The game on the screen was apparently a matchmaking game. The matchmaking decisions you made in the game may have been made in real life for the people who were represented in the game.

At first it seemed like the game dealt with large images of a few people, maybe even only one man and one woman. But when I got excited about the real life aspect of the game, which really seemed to be driven home by the large images, the game changed.

Now there were a bunch of Rolodex-style contact cards on either side of the screen, with a lot of blank, pale blue space in the middle. One line of cards had men; the other, women. The player was supposed to scroll the cards up or down until he found a good woman-man match. The man and woman were supposed to meet each other across the midsection of the screen.

I scrolled up and down through the cards. But something about the control of the cards was really difficult. There was something random about it, like the spinning of the images in a slot machine. And one of the sides may have been completely out of my control. I think finally a match may have occurred. But it wasn't the perfect match I'd thought it would be.

Dream #2

I don't really remember where I was. I was probably with a large group of people. We were probably kneeling, as if part of some devotional ceremony. But I'm pretty sure we weren't in church. We were set at an odd angle to something else. And the space had the feeling of an office space or an arcade space.

Somewhere there may have been a priest. He may have had a long, cape-like article of clothing, which he may have swept over me and the people around me.

The priest, or possibly someone else, or possibly nobody in particular, grabbed up a bunch of communion wafers from us. I visualized these wafers floating up like a bunch of cookies in a grid, like they'd all slid up from a cookie sheet. They now floated before a blue-green background. Each cookie had Jesus' face on it, just like the face on the shroud in El Greco's painting.

Some person -- I probably heard the person in my head -- said, "We're taking the cookies away. Instead of eating the cookies, you will be eating a real baby." I visualized a naked baby laying on its back. I understood that the baby was going to be killed and eaten by us.