Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ohio city

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I went with my step-grandmother to Ohio. Apparently we were on vacation together. Ohio may just have been one big city, or else we may have been in one big city in Ohio.

My step-grandma and I walked around together for a while. The sky was dark, but the city was lit well. The city actually looked like a stage version, or even a comic book version, of a city. The buildings were large, but they all looked boxy, bright and fake.

We passed some large, stately, stone building that looked like a McKim, Mead and White building. Something about that building felt hollow. Maybe the doors were barely hanging on the hinges, or maybe they felt fake, somehow. We then may have gone into a restaurant that was almost totally empty of furniture.

My step-grandma then had to go off on some task. She may have been heading to a meeting or conference. She gave me the job of finding a hotel.

I thought I was finding a hotel for just myself, and that I would meet my step-grandma the next morning. I didn't have a car, so I'd have to walk everywhere. I wanted to get a hotel close to all the sights I wanted to see tonight and close to where I assumed I'd meet my step-grandma the next day. This seemed to be some spot in the middle of town.

I opened a big, paper map showing the town (or all of Ohio). The town looked a lot like Manhattan, except that its bottom end spread outward into a huge land mass. But the upper part of the town was just like Manhattan, even with little extensions coming off the west and east sides to show shipping piers.

I knew the name of the hotel I wanted to stay at. It was one of a chain of famous luxury hotels. The name was familiar to me, and was possibly a real name from waking life, but I can't remember it now.

The land on the map was a solid orange, with very few features, maybe just a few lines for major roads. The map also had little circles with letters. The circles were also orange, though they may have been outlined in blue. The letters were probably white. Each circle pointed out a hotel. A little legend gave the name of the hotel corresponding to each letter.

I knew the hotel I wanted to stay at had the letter C. I looked for the letter C and found it, I thought, at the bottom of the map, way in the section of land mass that flowed out of the main part of town (or of Ohio).

I knew that was way too far for me to walk. I couldn't stay there. But then I looked closer. The letter was really Cb, not C. Apparently, this hotel had two chains. The main hotel for this chain, the regular C, I found, was just about in the middle of the main part of town. So I could stay there.

I was now sitting on a wide, enormous, stone staircase with my step-grandma. As I looked up, the staircase seemed to be indoors: the staircase was bordered by stone columns and had a ceiling from which glowed a bright, incandescent light. But when I looked to my right, toward my step-grandma, we seemed to be outside, able to see all the buildings and the dark sky.

My step-grandma told me she was going to stay at the hotel with me. I hadn't thought about this before. But now that she mentioned it, it made a lot of sense to me.

I was relieved. It had seemed inconvenient for me to stay at the hotel alone, maybe because of the cost. But now I had the idea that my step-grandma would pay for the hotel. This made staying at the hotel a lot more convenient.