Friday, December 14, 2012

museum anxiety; diapered spoiled sport

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was walking around in some area full of museums. I had just gotten out of one museum and was walking to another museum. Something special was going on in the museum, like a grand opening or the opening of an exhibit.

The museum was a really beautiful building. It felt small on one side, like the Smithsonian museum for Asian art in Washington, DC. But it seemed to have a long wing expanding from the left side, like a wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The walkway was all made of black stone, with a long, rectangular fountain of black stone on it.

But, despite the museum's kind of classical look, the museum was really some kind of museum for sex or sleaze or something. There was an exhibit there that I wanted too see, though I felt it may have been too intense or explicit. I may have been worried that I wouldn't be able to take it.

Somebody let me know somehow (as far as I can remember, I was all alone on the plaza) that the people who ran the museum were standing out near the entrance, giving people something as a gift for coming to the museum on this special occasion.

I turned to go see the people who ran the museum. They were all tall and beautiful. There were at least one man and a couple of women. The man I noticed had red-tan skin and curly, dark blonde hair. His face looked a little worn out, even though he may still have been young. He wore a corduroy jacket and maybe some jeans. The women all seemed really well dressed and sexy.

I was afraid of the people. They all seemed so much better and more beautiful than I. I didn't want to go near them. I didn't want them to look down on me. I walked past them.

I could hear the people talking about something interesting and enjoying themselves. They may have been trying to include me in their conversation. But I was too afraid to join them. I even decided that, rather than go through them to get through the entrance, I'd just skip going to the museum altogether.

Dream #2

I was in a living room, sitting on the couch with someone, probably with a woman or girl who was my girlfriend. The couch sat against one of the long walls. We looked across a large, almost completely empty room to a wide niche at the corner that held something like a dresser.

On the wall to the left of that niche was a doorway. Some girls, and maybe boys, kept running out of the doorway and up to the dresser. Either the girls were bringing diapers with them or they would grab diapers off the dressers. They would then put the diapers on. They might have put more than one diaper on at once. They would then run back into the hallway.

I could see a little bit of the hallway. It seemed like a mess. There was some closet with a lot of shelves. There may have been a lot of diapers on the shelves. There were also a whole bunch of blankets piled in front of the closet.

The girls (and boys?), I knew, were playing some kind of game having to do with putting on and taking off diapers, and possibly messing the diapers. But I don't think it was how many diapers they could put on, or anything like that. When the girls took the diapers off, they would throw them in or near the closet. So there were a lot of diapers over there.

Then some new girl came into the game. She either didn't like the idea of putting on diapers, or else she was so bad at the game that she didn't want to play it or to let anybody else play it. So she was trying to make it clear that she could get everybody else, including me, in trouble for taking part in this game.

Somehow the girl's attitude began causing chaos among the rest of the girls. At least one of the girls was now out in front of the dresser, pulling diaper after diaper out of a pack and throwing the diapers all over the floor. I knew that in the hallway, girls were just throwing diapers all over the place as well. I felt like this was a really bad waste of new diapers, and I was hoping the girls would just start wearing the diapers again.