Saturday, June 2, 2012

belly-crawling; guiding two groups

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was out in some field of tall, dry grass, crawling on my belly. The soil was a reddish brown, kind of gravelly, and the grass was tannish, with reddish-pink tinges to it.

I was crawling really fast up some ridge. There may have been some other people with me. There may also have been something flying over us, maybe something like bullets whizzing through the air.

Dream #2

I was in some place like a park. It was daytime. There was a huge crowd of people. It was like everybody was here for a festival. We were all walking down a wide, asphalt path, as if to get to some specific event.

I was walking by myself. But I was trying to catch up with a group of kids. My oldest nephew was among this group of kids. None of the other kids seemed familiar to me. But I think they were all supposed to be related to me.

I caught up with the kids and started leading them in a certain direction. But now I remembered I had left behind another group of people I was also supposed to be leading.

I asked the kids, mostly my nephew, if they would be able either to stay in this place until I got back or keep on going forward until I caught up with them (I can't remember which I'd asked). The kids, or my nephew, said they could do that.

I turned and ran back. I seemed to be going in the opposite direction of everybody else in the crowd. Everybody was moving forward at a leisurely, easy-going pace. But it was hard for me to get through, and see through, all the people coming from the opposite direction.

I finally found the second group of people I'd been leading. This group was all adults. At least one of them looked like a guy I'd recruited for a project IWL. They all seemed to be standing at a row of fair-like food booths off to my left. I veered over to those booths to meet with the group.