Saturday, June 9, 2012

handstanding to ft. greene; newspaper water park

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

It was a bright, warm day. I was in the car with my mom and probably some of my other family members, maybe including my sister. My sister may have looked very young, maybe seven or eight years old. The car seemed pretty full of kids.

I was in the backseat, on the passenger side. My mom was apparently driving me to work. But she had forgotten something at the house. So we needed to go back. I'd definitely be late for work.

I was mad. I thought to myself that I knew I should never have let my mom start taking me to work. I knew that eventually something like this would happen, where I would start getting to work late all the time.

We pulled up into the driveway of "our house" (apparently I was still living with my family, and our house was the house we lived in in Colorado when I was eleven to fifteen years old). My mom said something that made me believe that we were going to be here for a while. But my mom wanted me to sit in the car. I was furious. My mom had already made me late for work. Now she just wanted me to sit in the car for a long time while she was messing around in the house?

I cried, "No!!!" I jumped out of the backseat of the car (which now seemed pretty empty). I was going to make a mad dash away from my mom, and just try to get to work myself.

I started rushing down the road -- by walking on my hands! I rushed down a wide, sun-blazed, suburban road, down a slight slope.

I was then hand-walking down an even wider road. This road may still have felt somewhat suburban, with houses and yards. But there may have been some tall buildings, too.

I knew that some place like Fulton St. in Ft. Greene was just a few blocks away from here. But I suddenly got the feeling that my mom was following me. I thought that once she caught up to me she'd start criticizing me for having gotten mad and left her.

I was trying to think up excuses for having left my mom. But the only thing I could really think of to do was to go to a cafe I used to go to on Atlantic Avenue and order a nice, cold drink. I could see a red-colored drink in a clear-plastic cup, with a lid on it, in my mind's eye.

Dream #2

I was at the side of a building, underneath the shade, it seemed, of some scaffolding. I was actually leaning against some waist-high railing that was part of the railing holding up the high scaffolding.

A small shop, kind of like a take-away burger shop, was set into the wall of the building. A man, maybe an Asian man, was working by himself behind the counter.

I only wanted to buy a newspaper. The man was going off to get it for me. As I waited for the man to come back I stood a couple meters away from the cash register and on the other side of the scaffolding from the shop counter.

A couple walked up from my left and stood in front of the counter. They were an Asian man and woman. The woman looked young. The man looked a little bit older. They both looked well-off, and were dressed in nice summer clothes.

The couple seemed to want to get their orders in and out before I got my order. So they shouted out their order to the man behind the counter, who acknowledged their order. The man came back out front with my newspaper. I was about to walk up to the counter to pay for my paper.

But the woman in the couple now started asking people (apparently a line of people had formed off to my right), "Have you been helped yet? Have you ordered? And you? And you?" It was like she was trying to get everybody else to put in their orders before I could pay, so that somehow I'd be delayed in getting my stuff until after the couple had gotten their stuff.

Finally I just walked forward to hand my money to the man. I laughed at the situation, trying not to sound annoyed, even though I was. I had a dollar in my hand. I was already stretching my hand forward. I was pretty sure that the paper cost a dollar. But I was a little worried that it would cost more than that, and that I'd have to dig around in my pockets for more money.

I was now walking out on a parking lot with my mom and a bunch of kids. The kids were all part of some school group. We were taking the school group out to a water park.

We reached the edge of the parking lot and were now walking up onto a concrete sidewalk leading into the water park. There were a few little girls in my group, all in little bikinis. I crossed in front of one of the little girls.