Thursday, June 21, 2012

can't speak the language; girls' fashion

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in one environment (can't remember what) with some man, possibly a tall, white business man. We then emerged into another environment. It was like we unzipped something like a suitcase zipper from around us and pushed upward out of one clear suitcase into another clear suitcase. This environment was like a big city. The atmosphere seemed to be yellow. Maybe the sky was yellow.

I turned to the man and said, "Just because I've spoken some words of this language in the past, don't think I can speak the language. I really can't." I think I was hoping that the man might teach me the language.

The man kind of laughed and told me, "Don't worry about it. Most of the time while I'm here I just have the robot speak the language for me." But something about how the man said that might have indicated that, if I wanted to, I could learn the language from the robot.

Dream #2

There was a really wide view of a blank sky. At the bottom of this view, maybe taking up only twenty percent of my view, were two Asian girls.

The girl on the left had long, brown hair that appeared to have been bleached and then dyed purple on top. Her hair was brushed straight down, except with a sweep of bangs flowing down over her forehead. She wore a white vest with horizontal tiger stripe patterns and white slacks with either horizontal or vertical stripes.

The girl on the right wore some kind of form-fitting, lame/spandex outfit with a color halfway between copper and brown. The top of the outfit was like a tight blouse and a fluttery mini-skirt connected together. The bottom of the outfit was leggings.

At some point the girl on the right may have jumped up in childlike excitement and kicked one of her feet back, so that it touched against her bottom. The other girl just constantly stood staring forward.


UPDATE: A few quick comments on images related to this dream are at this entry in my dreamday journal.