Monday, June 4, 2012

whale bones; trampoline space launch; old friend on stairwell

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was out in some dark place. It felt like I was walking through city streets in the dark, just, perhaps, by the light of the moon. But it also felt like I was walking through a dark living room.

There was the feeling of the presence, or the threatened presence, of some man. He was a bad man, maybe some kind of criminal. I had to protect either myself or some people I knew against the man.

I was now looking out at some dark grey sky. I heard people in my head, one of them an adult woman, telling me how either I or someone else had managed to stop something bad from happening. I thought to myself that it was a good thing I'd listened to someone who'd told me something. If I hadn't listened, the bad incident wouldn't have been averted.

I now saw up in the sky a huge structure. It had the shape of a whale. But from tip to tip it looked like the ribs of a whale. At first the whale had been full of a substance like dim, golden light. But the dim, golden light was taken over by some gloppy, grey-black substance. I knew that that was good. The golden light was bad, and the black substance was good.

Dream #2

I was walking down a staircase. The wall to my left was made of a very nice, heavy wood. The wall to my right was either there or was made of some transparent material, like plexiglass or even some sort of netting.

Somehow I knew that down below, where I was heading by the staircase, there was some sort of trampoline exhibition going on. A bunch of people had won a few different trampoline jumping or dancing contests. Now they were here, gathered all together, to display their talents.

Most of the winners had been like 1950s style sexy girls. The girls had mostly won contests for how sexy they could do trampoline jumping/dancing. In my mind's eye I saw one of these girls: an older, heavy-looking blonde woman who wore a leotard of blue and silver sequins and some hat of the same material.

The woman did some dance where she's wiggle her legs really fast while she was in the air, like a shrimp swimming. I didn't find it sexy at all. The woman may have had a poodle with her.

I could hear, as if in my head, the event organizers, two older men, one of whom was my friend, talking about how I had won a trampoline contest. I thought that I'd also have to compete. I didn't want to do some silly, supposedly sexy dance. I also didn't know if I'd be able to show any real skill on the trampoline.

But I started some kind of an act in my head, rehearsing the moves I'd make. I knew I'd be able to carry everything out and make it look okay, as long as I kept everything simple. I hoped that keeping it simple wouldn't disappoint my audience.

But the event organizer who was my friend said that I wasn't going on after all. My friend said something like I was too tired to do the contest.

I imagined lifting upward on the trampoline. I looked upward. I could see up the side of some building in the daytime. I was then high up in the air. I may have been a couple thousand feet up in the air. I was in a space capsule, like the SpaceX Dragon. I may have been in there with another person.

Somehow we could see down below us, as if a huge portion of the capsule were just a window. We were flying through the air, as if the capsule were under its own jet control.

It was now suddenly like th capsule had its top, a big, wide circle, wide open. I sat leaning along the rim, my head hanging out of the capsule. We were flying kind of sideways. 

But I think the other guy may have tried to impress me by making the capsule go upside down. I was slightly disoriented. My entire field of view was taken up by the green landscape below. I also feared that I would soon have a hard time keeping myself secured against the wall of the craft, and that I would fall out.

We were now heading for a pond. This would be where we made our final descent. As we approached the pond, we flipped back upwards. When the capsule splashed into the pond, I feared that we would be submerged, and that the capsule would get filled with water and sink down to into the pond. But not a drop of water reached up over the rim of the capsule. We began floating, bobbing up and down with no problem.

I was now in a basement, watching a replay of this scene. The basement was like a bedroom. But instead of beds, the bedroom just had tons of blankets all over the place.

There was a young man, maybe 17 or 18 years old, in the bedroom with me. I had been laying on my stomach while watching the TV replay. I rolled over and turned back to the boy behind me. He was sitting cross-legged on the floor, watching another TV.

I asked the young man how the inside of the capsule didn't get any water in it on the splashdown. The young man and I were still in the bedroom. But instead of being on blankets, we now seemed to be coming out of some object like a small, collapsed tent. The fabric of this tent-like thing was silver. And the bottom of the thing, the only thing with a hardness to it, was lens-shaped. This thing had been our space capsule.

The young man may have told me the capsule hadn't gotten any water in it because I'd done a good job of getting the capsule down. He definitely also told me that the capsules were built that way. He said they were ultra buoyant, so that they'd always float high enough for the capsules never to get any water in them. The boy then may have walked up a stairwell out of the basement. I may have followed.

It was now night. I was looking up the side of a building like a castle. I could hear people in my head talking about a number of space launches that had recently occurred. Many were of vehicles like the SpaceX vehicle. But others were of different companies' vehicles.

I was supposed to have been a part of the launches. But one of the guys organizing the launches, a man who was an astronaut and a friend of mine, had taken me out of the launches.

I could see the man in my mind's eye. He looked a little bit like Neil Armstrong. The man had told everybody I couldn't do a launch because I'd been scheduled for some kind of flight which would occur the next day. The man would be coming on this flight with me.

I was near some place like a lake. I started walking away from the tall building. I realized the man was right. I couldn't waste my energy on a launch if I was going to be doing a flight. In fact, I needed to conserve my energy much better in order to do this upcoming flight. And I shouldn't talk to anybody about the flight, either.

The sky was just becoming silvery blue in preparation for sunrise. I walked up some stone path on a wide slope. The stone path led to a house or villa. The villa was fenced all around with a stone wall.

I looked over my shoulder and to my right, down the slope. A small group of people were walking up toward the path up the slope. There were a couple horses with the people.

One of the horses, a beautiful, red-brown horse, spotted me. The people couldn't control the horse. It ran up the slope toward me. I didn't know whether the horse was kind or violent. I just turned around and kept walking up the slope, resigning myself to having the horse do whatever it was going to do to me.

The horse came up along my left side, slowly poking its head into my field of view. It kept on sticking out its tongue. It had a huge, awkward looking head and a big, fat tongue.

I took a chance and began petting the horse's head. I said, "Hi there, horsey," in a high-pitched, cooing voice like I might use when I talk to babies.

The people now came up from behind me. They drew the animal I'd been petting up beside me, too. The animal had a low, fat body. It kind of disoriented me at first. Then I realized that the animal was a cow.

We all headed into the villa through a thick, wooden gate in the stone wall fence. I was embarrassed by my mistaken perception. I told everybody, "I'm so sorry. I can't believe I called your cow a horse."

Dream #3

I was walking down a staircase in a bookstore. I was heading down into the basement. There were a lot of people on the stairwell. But almost everybody seemed to be heading up while I was heading down.

One of the people I saw heading up the staircase was one of my old best friends. I hadn't seen her in years. She had really short hair, almost in a boyish cut.

I was surprised when I first saw her. But I didn't say anything to her. A couple steps farther down I either said or thought of saying, "Hey!" to get my friend's attention.

At the bottom of the steps I stopped altogether. I half-turned, so that my left side was facing up the stairs. A lot of people were still heading upstairs. I thought for a moment of calling up the stairs to get my friend's attention.