Sunday, June 24, 2012

crashes; warning of crashes

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

Three aircraft seemed to have crashed, one after the other. The aircraft were something like rocket planes, like the X-15. The crafts may have had something like pipes sticking up and out of them.

Each craft had a name. The name had some individual name and then some general name, so that all the crafts had the general name in their name. The first two aircraft had people's names, possibly the names of celebrities, possibly the names of regular people. The third craft had some kind of special name, either the name of a very famous celebrity or the name of a very famous aircraft.

Dream #2

An older woman and a younger woman were somewhere. The younger woman may have been preparing to head out somewhere. The older woman warned the younger woman about the possibility, in the area the younger woman was heading to, of airplane crashes. The older woman listed the names of aircraft she believed could crash. These were the same aircraft as in my first dream.

The younger woman didn't take the older woman's advice totally seriously. She knew that where she was going there was a high risk of plane crashes. And she may have had the idea that the older woman was experienced enough with these things to know what she was talking about. But she mainly thought that the older woman's advice was the result of being overly concerned for the younger woman. The younger woman seemed to think this was kind of cute.


UPDATE: A discussion of some images I believe are related to these dreams can be found in this entry of my dreamday journal.