Tuesday, November 13, 2012

aunt's rorschach test

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

My mom and my aunt were standing in front of a wide sink in a hospital. My mom had told my aunt that she could conduct a test like the Rorschach test using the sink's faucet. This test would prove the sanity or mental competence of a person.

My mom was going to test my aunt. But I think the test of my aunt was just to prove the test worked. If the test worked to my aunt's satisfaction, my mom and aunt would use the test on someone else.

So my mom and aunt stared at the water running from the faucet. The water would apparently strike a plastic sheet or plastic strip, creating a little frame of a Rorschach image. My aunt would call out what the image reminded her of.

But after a few of these images, my aunt realized my mom wasn't actually recording my aunt's responses. My aunt asked my mom, "How is the test supposed to work if you don't record my responses? Do you even know what you're doing?"

My aunt decided that my mom shouldn't be the one to run this test. She told me I should run the test on her. I didn't even know how the test worked. But I walked up to the sink. I had a clipboard in my hands. Apparently I was going to record my aunt's responses on some grid of paper that also had Rorschach designs on it.

I reflected, though, that the water created random designs. The designs on the paper couldn't really match the designs my aunt saw from the water. So how was my recording of her responses supposed to correspond to anything? I thought the best way to conduct the test would be to have a computer record both the image and my aunt's response.