Tuesday, November 20, 2012

color me innocent; phone tapper; dirty pink diaper; acting strange

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I had to prove something to somebody, possibly that somebody was innocent. But I did this by laying erect, balanced on the arm of a couch, so that my feet pointed up and my head pointed down toward the seat cushions, and drawing or coloring in a coloring book. I may have been a little boy or girl.

Dream #2

It was daytime. I stood out on a road full of big, white buildings. The buildings all felt abandoned, and the road wasn't very active at all.

I was speaking with my old friend R on my cell phone. R and I seemed to be getting along alright, even though we hadn't spoken in a while.

But now R may have said something like, "Now I'll show you what I can do." The phone hung up. Then the phone -- which was still a cell phone, but looked like a long, corded phone -- began ringing wildly. I picked up the phone and heard R speaking. But the phone kept ringing wildly.

R said, "Now I'll make it stop." The ringing stopped. R said, "See how I control things?"

R told me he'd been tapping my and my family's phones, listening to all our conversations. Something one of my family members, maybe my sister, had done, had insulted R. Now R was going to make us pay for it. And there was nothing we could do to stop R. R was just too well in control of the situation.

The conversation was now over. I stood out on the road, wondering what R would do. I saw my sister riding a bicycle down the road. I felt sorry and afraid for my sister. I wished I could tell her something to stop what was going on. But I couldn't think of what to tell her.

Dream #3

I was in some house. There were a lot of other people here. We were all maybe in our twenties and thirties. We all probably lived in the house. The situation didn't feel cramped. Everybody was pretty easygoing.

Some other guy and I were trying to create a disposable diaper that really looked like a baby's diaper but could be worn by adults. We hadn't succeeded, but I needed to leave the house to take care of something.

I grabbed a pack of baby diapers to put on as I left the house. The diapers were like Pampers Baby Dry diapers. But they were all pink, and they felt even softer than Baby Dry diapers. I put on a pair and headed out of the house.

I walked out into a road like a narrow stone road between tall, white buildings, like in a small, European village. Something about the road may have felt like a run-down garage.

I walked back toward the house, worried about something about the diaper, like it would leak, or like people would think I was a pervert for wearing diapers and no pants in public.

But when I opened the door to the house, I saw my mom inside. I didn't want my mom to see me in diapers, not because she didn't know -- it was probably pretty obvious to her that I wore diapers -- but because I didn't want her nose in my business. But I may have thought things would be less awkward if I could ask my mom for some Pull-Ups diapers instead of Baby Dry diapers.

I walked away from the house, not having gone in. I was still wearing the pink diapers. I walked up toward some water which seemed to be flowing up toward the road from some large body of water, like a large river or a sea.

I thought about how much fun it would be to wade in the water in my diaper. I thought it would be nice to get the diaper all soaked. But I also thought the water was probably really dirty somehow, even though it was clear. A little diaper like this wouldn't keep me from being contaminated with whatver made this water so dirty.

Dream #4

It was daytime. I was walking through a long parking lot in an apartment complex. I was upset or angry about something and making dirty faces because of it. Some person I couldn't see very well walked past me.

I tried to disregard the person. But she caught my attention. I looked up to see that the person was NB, a girl who works in the landlord's office at my apartment complex. I felt bad for having tried to ignore NB. NB looked concerned for me, like I was acting very strange.