Sunday, November 18, 2012

excalibots; heartwarming procedure

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

A spaceship, or a TV stage made to look like a spaceship, like from the TV show Star Trek. A group of people were out on the control deck. The ship was probably orbiting over some planet.

A strange life form had been detected on the planet. It was causing some alarm to the crew of the spaceship. The Captain of the ship, a man with sharp, chiseled features, bronze-tan skin, and dark blonde hair, decided to send some people down to see what the life form was.

The Captain transported himself into the transporter room, which also served as a debriefing room. The room was mostly dark, with black floor and ceiling, and walls that showed nothing but stars.

The Captain stood with another person, kind of like Scotty from Star Trek, before a meter-long conventional telescope that wasn't pointed anywhere in particular. The Captain and the other crew member were discussing something about the dangers or logistics of the trip.

A few crew members had been transported down to the planet. I identified with a woman who had been sent down. The woman was in a lake. Three strange creatures emerged from the lake. At first the creatures were like huge, mutated animals, with slimy, pink, fleshy bodies that kind of had the shapes of familiar animals, like zebras. Each creature had a different animal shape.

But the creatures then became big robots, like 1950s conceptions of robots, with metallic "tin can" bodies, coily arms, and clear, glassy, elliptical heads. One of these huge robots, maybe three or four times the size of me/the woman, lifted me/the woman up out of the water as it emerged. The woman may have stood on top of the robot's head or found a way to fit underneath the robot's head, like the head was shaped like a shallow lampshade or parasol.

There was now some exposition about the robot. The woman had either studied this information or was learning it on the spot. The robots had actually been made to take care of human beings. The robots were still concerned with taking care of human beings. In fact, one of the robots wanted to do an examination on the woman right now.

But something was wrong with the robots. They may have been contaminated, so that contact with the robots would infect humans. Or they may have had bad programming, so that, even though they meant to help, they often did harm. The robots needed to be fixed. Then they could help humans again. But until they were fixed, they were viewed as a threat.

The woman seemed to understand all this better than anybody else. She wanted to help the robots. She viewed them as potential helpers. But everybody else may have viewed them only as a threat.

The sequence of events seemed to start again, from the point where the Captain was in the transporter room. The Captain himself may have been planning to go down to the planet. But he was hesitant. He was coming up with a bunch of silly logistics questions to stall getting into the teleporter machine and possibly even to stall the mission altogether.

But the Captain realized that others in the crew recognized that he was just stalling because he was afraid. So he now tried to come up with questions that sounded really brave and noble, to mask the fact that he was still trying to stall the mission. There was an image of a long, crusty roll before the Captain.

The Captain now asked, "What I really want to know is... can we safely transport ourselves... into the planet's crust?" As he asked this, the Captain may have dug a knife just a little bit into the crust of the roll.

Dream #2

It was daytime. I was in a car with my mom. My mom drove, and I sat in the passenger seat. My mom was telling me about some procedure she, and then my sister, had on their hearts. The procedure was just to diagnose whether my mom and sister had heart problems.

In the procedure, something like a fiber optic cable was piped through a vein and then into the heart. Once the cable was in the heart, some little device at the end of the heart would heat up and test some kind of stress levels on the heart.

My mom explained how the procedure hadn't bothered her a whole lot, but how it had really bothered my sister. My mom explained how the procedure wasn't painful. But it did feel strange. It made the heart itch, which was annoying. And it also created an unpleasantly warm sensation in the heart. This warm sensation had probably been the most bothersome sensation of all for my sister.