Tuesday, November 6, 2012

i have sex with my headless self

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I had probably been riding through the wilderness with my famlily. I believe we had been riding through some area that closed at a certain time of day. The area was probably now closed, even though it was, apparently, still daytime.

We drove down a hill, to a small, lawny area that looked like part of a city park. My brother-in-law let the kids get out of the car and run around. The adults got out as well. It seemed like we were still trying to figure out where we'd go next.

I didn't really want to go anywhere else. I was hot and exhausted. I was so hot that I was having trouble breathing.

A sprinkler started running right in the middle of the field. The jets of water coming off of the sprinkler were really powerful. The water looked so nice. I wanted to go in it.

As I walked toward the water I panted, I was so hot. I could hear my nephews laughing with each other. They were making a crude joke about Chinese people. I could also tell my brother was heading toward the sprinkler.

I started worrying about getting into the sprinkler. I worried that it would hurt something in my appearance. But I was already edging into the sprinkler. It felt so good.

I began floating upward, flying, hovering through the tops of the jets. I enjoyed the feeling so much that I floated into a horizontal position and closed my eyes.

I was now in a bed, looking at my back. I was wearing blue-green pajamas made of a nice fabric. I had the shirt lifted up so I could see my back. My skin felt weird, and I had some bumps and blemishes around the shoulder.

I was a little disappointed in how my back looked. I flipped my body around so I could see my front. My chest looked alright. The flesh wasn't as waxy and yellowed as the back. It was softer, healthier looking, but really pale.

I flipped my body around to my back again. It was only now that I realized I was doing all of this stuff to my own body. How could that be?

I told myself something about my head having been detatched from my body, and how it was possible for something like that to happen and for a person to be okay. I went back to flipping my body around.

I now decided I wanted to "have sex with" (more like dry hump) my headless body. So I flipped the body onto its back and began to straddle it.

But I wondered how, if I were rubbing my penis against the body, I would be able to feeli its penis. It didn't make sense to me. I didn't have two penises. So either I had the penis, or my headless body did.

I patted the headless body below the waist. It was just a bunch of padding, like in a pillow. So there weren't two penises, after all. Relieved at this resolution of the contradiction, I began dry humping the body.