Friday, November 23, 2012

changing a boy's diaper; garbage hill

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in a living room with a good amount of other people, mostly adults. I may never actually have seen the other adults, even though I could feel that they were all around me.

The room was lit only with a bit of natural light that came from a window on the back wall. There was a couch somewhere. The carpet was thick and grey. The walls may have been thin fake wood.

A little, blonde boy asked me to change his diaper. The boy was beautiful, with bronze-tan skin, pale blue eyes, and long hair. The boy lay down to get his diaper changed. He wasn't wearing a shirt or pants.

It seemed like the boy was new to wearing a diaper. I had to tell him how to lay so that I could get the diaper onto him correctly. I also had to tell him not to worry, that he would be okay wearing a diaper. At a couple points I had to tell the boy to shift or lift his bottom so I could make the diaper fit underneath him better.

I began to realize that I was getting sexually aroused by all of this. I could somehow see that I had an erection, as if I were naked. My arousal was so intense that I didn't know if I could control myself.

I was really afraid of what all the adults around me would think of me. They were all standing around me and the boy in a circle or a dense corridor, even though I still couldn't see them.

Dream #2

I was either on a bus or on a subway train that was traveling at street level, on a street, like a bus would. I was coming to a major bus stop in a part of town near where I lived. I knew my bus stop was actually one or two stops away from this major bus stop.

But I was afraid to get off the bus at my stop. Some young man seemed to be following me on the bus. The young man was pale and thin, with short, sharp hair. He wore sharp, Oakley-style sunglasses and a pale tan windbreaker jacket. I had a feeling that the young man would get off wherever I got off.

I didn't want to get off at the correct stop and make it that much easier for the young man to follow me home. So I got off the bus/train at the main stop. I walked out into a wide, empty parking lot, at the center of which was a shelter for waiting passengers.

The shelter was full of garbage bags, like people came here to dump their garbage. A few people stood around the shelter, probably getting ready to do something with the bags.

I realized that I myself had left garbage bags here. But I'd only left them here temporarily. Now I really needed to take them away. I grabbed the garbage bags I'd left here. I turned away from the shelter to find a better place to throw the bags away.

I was now in a big city street, heading toward an alley. I thought I'd head through the alley to a very busy block that was probably very familiar to me. But the alley was blocked by a hill of garbage bags that ran all the way across the alley and was maybe four or five meters tall.

I was about to turn around and head in some other way. But I saw my co-worker HX walking up toward the hill with garbage bags. Behind HX was a man who seemed familiar to me, even though I couldn't figure out who he was. HX threw her garbage on the hill. Since she did it, I figured it was okay. I kept walking toward the garbage hill, planning to throw my garbage there, too.