Saturday, November 24, 2012

mother and brother in surgery; snoop lion hospital

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in a hospital hallway. I may have just come from an operating room where my mom was in surgery. While I was out in the hallway my Aunt M, who was also in the hallway, received a phone call regarding my brother.

My brother may have come to the hospital with my mother to be with her during surgery. But now my brother had gotten ill. The doctors had taken him and put him into surgery as well. He was in a very bad condition. It was possible that he could die.

My aunt and I walked back into the operating room, where my mom was in surgery, wondering how we would tell my mom, when she woke, about my brother. There were a lot of other family members in the operating room.

My mom was laying on the operating table, unconscious, with an operating sheet over her body, and probably with an opening cut into her body somewhere. But I'm not sure that there were any doctors operating on my mom, or even in the operating room.

Dream #2

I was laying in bed at night. I had a cell phone, maybe an old BlackBerry, pressed to my ear. I was eavesdropping on a conversation between my step grandmother and my aunt M. I don't think I knew how I had managed to get in on their conversation. It surprised me that I could hear them. But now that I could hear them I decided I wanted to keep listening to their conversation, to see what they'd say about me or my mom while they didn't know I was around.

My grandma and my aunt spoke about someone in my immediately family for a moment or two, but only said something kind of vague. They then began speaking about an idea my grandma had to start a restaurant. My grandma said that she was really feeling the urge again to do the restaurant. But she needed the commitment from my aunt, that my aunt would commit to working at the restaurant. In the past my aunt had committed to working, but then had gone back on her commitment.

I rolled over onto my right side. My aunt was now standing over me, still talking on the phone with my grandma. My aunt had come to wake me up so we could go take care of something. I didn't want her to see me on the phone, eavesdropping on her conversation.

I sat up in bed. I was now in a bed in a hospital room. My mom sat in a chair on the right side of the room, near a window that had Venetian blinds. My aunt was in the room, but she left immediately, needing to go take care of something. When my aunt left, she left the door wide open.

I was some kind of worker in the hospital, not necessarily a doctor, maybe something more like an administrator. But people thought I was really smart, and I thought I was really smart, too.

Someone may have mentioned that there were one or two celebrities in the hallway. I didn't want to stand up and look for them. They didn't sound like celebrities I was interested. So I didn't feel like making the effort.

Then I heard a bunch of little kids screaming with delight. Somehow the news got to my room that Snoop Dogg was walking through the hallway. There were a bunch of elementary school kids out in the hallway -- like this hospital also had a wing that was an elementary school, or like the kids were on a field trip to the hospital. They had seen Snoop Dogg in the hallway. He was just trying to be low key. But the kids had seen him and gone crazy. Now they were all surrounding him.

I stood out of my bed to look through the windows and see what was going on. I thought I'd even go out and see Snoop Dogg for myself. I thought he was pretty cool. But I was only wearing my black boxer-brief underwear. I couldn't go out like this. But, for some reason, I also felt like it would be impossible, or at least a really big effort, for me to get dressed.

There was a computer on a desk before the Venetian blinds. I clacked around on the keyboard for a moment, apparently working with some data that somebody needed regarding whatever my job at the hospital was. I then looked out the window. Across some kind of empty space was another window, which looked into the hallway with the schoolkids and Snoop Dogg.

Snoop had been kneeling among this gaggle of white, pale-blonde children. He now stood up. He was tall, but not as tall as I'd expected him to be. He also looked a bit pale. His complexion was flat and a little pasty. He also looked a little bit like a teenager, with kind of naive eyes. His hair was undone, all puffy, puffing out from the back of his head. Snoop wore an old, worn-out windbreaker jacket that was blue on the torso and black on the sleeves, with swatches of white, maybe near the pecs and shoulder blades.