Monday, November 26, 2012

guest rooms; big mac commercial

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

Two men, who were like two men I knew in waking life from my park work in Brooklyn, CA and his partner, were showing me around their new apartment. They had done everything in a specific style, though I can't now remember what that style was.

The men now showed me their bedrooms, which were on the second floor of the apartment. There were two rooms the men really wanted to show me. At least one of the rooms was a guest room.

I looked in on both rooms. The rooms were sparse, with clean, wooden floors and thick mats on the floors instead of beds. The style looked Japanese. I liked it a lot.

I got excited and told the men how much I liked the rooms. I was secretly hoping that the men would invite me to live with them. We walked into one of the rooms.

I reflected that if I lived with the men I would either have to figure out a way to wear diapers without their knowing about it, or I'd have to tell the men about my wearing diapers, which they probably wouldn't like. So I probably wouldn't be able to live with the men.

I may have seen or imagined a dresser in the bedroom. I thought I could put my packs of Pampers Baby Dry diapers on the left side of the bottom dresser.

There were now lights like Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling of the bedroom. The lights glowed crystal blue and hung in a branch-like design. The lights gave off some glow other than the usual Christmas light glow, which felt very magical.

I was now a part of something like a group of university kids or a group of young professionals. The two men had invited us to their house for a party, so we could feel like a part of whatever organization we were in. We had just finished the tour of the house with this room.

We now headed back downstairs, where we would have either dinner or tea. Some people headed into the kitchen, which was off to my right. Some people stayed in the small, bright room at the foot of the stairs.

In this small, bright room there were a few rows of shoes. I realized that everybody in the school group except for I must have taken off their shoes before walking around the house. I felt guilty for not having taken off my shoes. I decided to take off my shoes now. I may also have thought that if I took my shoes off now, I'd get a whole new pair of shoes at the end of the night.

A skinny, young, blonde woman sitting on the floor noticed me taking off my shoes. She asked me why I was taking off my shoes. I told her why. She said that it wasn't really any use for me to take off my shoes this late into our visit. So why didn't I just keep them on?

Dream #2

A McDonald's commercial. Three people sat in a fancy library with heavy wood tables and cabinets. The three people all sat at the same table. Two people sat on one side of the table, and one person sat on the other. The two sides of the table were divided from each other by a tall, thick wall or cabinet.

One of the people was an older, heavyset, black man. Another was an older, white woman. All three of the people were dressed nicely and looked very intelligent.

Each person had a Big Mac sitting before him. Each person was giving a "break up" speech to the Big Mac. The speech was about something like how delicious the Big Mac was, but how the Big Mac wasn't healthy, so that the people had to "break up" with the Big Mac by no longer eating it. The commercial, I knew, would then reveal how the Big Mac had been made healthy.

But one of the characters had said something strange toward the end of her speech. The strange thing had been about being able to see something up in space either with the naked eye or with only a regular telescope. But the other characters laughed that this was obviously impossible.

The woman laughed. Of course, she said, she now realized it was impossible. The woman then spoke about a family member (or more than one family member?) she had up on a space ship that was traveling to Jupiter, then Neptune.

The woman looked forward to the contact she would periodically receive from her family members. She now acted very sentimentally, acting out what she would say to her family members in the next communication.