Thursday, April 12, 2012

college dropout, college registration

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in some kind of room, possibly an area like a convention hall. It was probably dim or dark where I stood, like a specific booth in this hall had been set off from everything else and all the lights turned off in it, but with some light coming in from other places in the hall.

A young woman stood to my left. She may have stood at the edge of the dark booth, so that a bit more of the rest of the light of the convention hall was hitting her. The woman stood resting her arms atop some waist-high pedestal. There may have been a line of pedestals, with a pedestal near me as well.

The woman began complaining about her boyfriend. Her boyfriend had been going to college. He had probably gone back to school after having done a little bit of a career. But now he either had dropped out or was on his way to dropping out. He had been losing focus in school and was most likely through with it all.

The woman was disappointed. She said the man didn't even think anything was wrong with him. But the woman could see it. The woman could see how her boyfriend was mentally trailing off, slacking off in everything. But the man thought he was fine. In fact, he thought he was getting more and more in shape mentally all the time.

As the woman told me this, I looked off to my right. A big video screen (or projection screen with a video projected onto it) was playing some sort of black and white art video. At first the video showed a string of Chinese characters, all moving downwards along the screen kind of quickly. These images were interspersed with other objects, giving the feeling of something like strings of stars being pulled downward through the sky.

As I saw all this I thought that perhaps the man had been studying Chinese, at least as a part of his courses. But he was slowly losing focus, and was taking less and less care with his studies. The woman, I assumed, was really disappointed about this. The man, I supposed, was of Chinese descent. So the woman found it important that the man knew Chinese. But now the man was totally neglecting his Chinese studies.

I continued to watch the screen. The strings of characters and symbols were now all trailing downward, drifting into a few strings of dots of light. Eventually there was just one string of dots trailing downward. I knew, regarding the man, that this was probably a bad sign.

Dream #2

I was in a big room, like a cafeteria or a communal room in a university. The place was packed with students. A lot of the students seemed old. Some of them were kind of fat, not dressed very well, kind of messy. The whole place seemed very chaotic. I stood near a line of folding tables. There were workers behind the tables, probably helping the people in front of the table get registered for certain classes, or possibly advertising certain classes to the people in front of the tables.

I may now have been in or near a school bus. I may have been hearing a conversation in my head between a young woman and myself. The young woman seemed to be pushing me to go back to college. But I really didn't want to do that.

The bus was out in a dirt lot. Propped up on the ground near the bus was an LED sign with red lettering streaming from right to left. The LED part of the sign was just a small strip. The rest of the sign may have been white with blue lettering and a blue border. The LED strip kept saying something about $100,000. I knew that if I went back to college, I'd end up owing that much money.