Wednesday, April 11, 2012

dice game and green graduation

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in some big room with a few other people who were probably around my age. The room was possibly like a warehouse of some kind, though it seemed to be too divided and jumbled up to be a warehouse. I and two other people had walked out of one area and into another. This second area was like a long wheelchair ramp up to a concrete deck. Just behind the deck may have been a small structure, possibly like a trailer, or even like a wood-shingled building from the Old West.

I had been set up to play a game of dice with my friends. In the game, two people were pitted against each other. The players took turns rolling the dice. The highest roll won. After a number of rounds, whoever had won the most rounds won the match. The winner was then pitted against another person.

I had been set up from the very beginning against one of the best players. We would throw the dice on the concrete platform. But the platform was cluttered with all kinds of stuff that might be found on the outdoor patio of a suburban house. So the dice kept rolling all over the place, and we'd have to look for them. But somehow I kept winning the matches. The man I was playing against said, "I can't believe it. Never in my life have I lost like this to someone."

I understood that the man had never lost a round of this game in his life. Now he was losing all these rounds to me. He might even lose our whole match. I told myself to keep steady and not to lose my cool.

It was now like we were walking back to the concrete platform. Possibly the dice throws had strayed far from there. We got back up onto the platform. I threw the dice. But right as I did, some other man got in my way. He was a bit taller than I, but he seemed a bit younger than I. Actually, he might have seemed like a very young child in some ways, and he may have been clothed in shining, white garments. Also, something about him may have had something to do with the military.

My turn came up again. This time I threw the dice near a small table and chair set. It may have been just a table and one chair. But as I did this, a tall, fair-skinned man done up completely in a formal Marines uniform walked up behind the chair. Somehow I felt like I was getting in this man's way, so I was trying to get out of his way, after I'd thrown the dice. But the dice rolled down onto the ground at the man's feet.

I apologized to the man, though he didn't seem to mind very much. I bent down to look at the dice. I either lost or couldn't tell whether I'd lost. But I knew, from the imbalanced attitude of my two previous throws, that I was getting myself into a frame of mind that would cause me to lose. I needed to regain focus if I was going to win.

Now it was the other man's turn to throw the dice. He'd thrown the dice, but they'd apparently landed somewhere that made them really hard to read. I stood by the table while the man was off somewhere (I'm not sure whether I saw him), trying to read the dice. The man seemed to be taking a long time reading the dice. I was getting kind of impatient for my turn, but I waited.

But while I was waiting, I think my mind began to wander. I heard my sister begin talking about recipes my great grandmother used to make. My sister told me that my great grandma would make her recipes step by step. This, my sister said, was different from other people, including cookbooks. I looked to my right and saw something like a big piece of poster board propped up on an easel. The poster board looked like yellow notebook paper. It had typewritten words on it. This was apparently an example of one of my great grandma's recipes.

The scene now began fading into my great grandma's living room. My sister continued. "What great grandma did was to put steps to everything, not just the ingredients, but all the steps of making the dish. Most cookbooks give ingredients, but for great grandma, the steps were like ingredients."

I was now standing with my mom and sister in my great grandma's house, right inside the front door. The door was open, but the screen door was closed. It was a beautiful, sunny day outside. A group of girls, maybe six or seven years old, was walking down the street, from the right. I could see them really well, as if there were a big window just to the right of the door.

The girls all wore something like school uniforms or Girl Scout uniforms. The uniforms were probably navy blue with white button-up shirts underneath. But the girls also wore green mortar boards, like graduation caps. I got the understanding somehow -- like I was in psychic communication with a woman who was leading the group of girls -- that the girls had graduated from some kind of class.

My sister was still telling me something about my great grandma. And I was actually feeling a bit impatient to get back to my game of dice, which I was probably sure I could still win. But now the green-capped girls were walking up to the front door. I could now see that the "mortar boards" were actually made out of green construction paper. The board part was just a square of green construction paper. The cap part was a piece of paper that had been rolled and then taped or stapled into something like a cone shape.

Dream #2

A kind of fat, white man may have been talking about how he was the reincarnation of Cleopatra. I now saw a vision of Cleopatra (or Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra) reclining on her right side. Near Cleopatra was a fishbowl. Cleopatra may have thrown a goldfish into the bowl, with a few other goldfish.

I then heard a voice tell me that Cleopatra, after she died, took the souls of all her followers and threw them into a fishbowl of reflection.

I took this to mean that somehow Cleopatra had a greater soul than other people. So when she died, she could still control the souls of the people who followed her To Cleopatra the servants' consciousness was like that of goldfish. So she threw the servants into the spiritual equivalent of a fishbowl, and caused them to see their reflections in the fishbowl as images of Cleopatra. Because of this, the servants thought of themselves as reincarnations of Cleopatra. And in this way, from the spiritual world, Cleopatra kept her servants serving her on the physical plane.