Tuesday, April 17, 2012

kei's red photos

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I had taken photos of Yuu Kashi, the girl who played Kei in the film Linda Linda Linda. These were photos, it turned out, that the girl needed for something to do with a job. So the girl ended up being really grateful to me for having taken them. It had probably come to her as a surprise that I had taken the photos. I myself had probably forgotten all about the photos.

In the photos, Yuu was wearing a simple, casual, red dress. The dress had a collar and a button up blouse, with the top buttons undone. The waist was kind of square. The skirt was plain, going down to just above the Yuu's knees. Yuu stood in front of some old, red pickup truck.

Both the red of Yuu's dress and the red of the truck were plain, a bit flat, and tinged with a bit of orange. The color seemed to take up my whole field of view. The photos may have been scattered together, or they may have been in a strip together, like photos from a coin-op photo booth.

Now Yuu needed another set of photos. It probably seemed to me like it would take much too long to put these photos together, too. I probably went through my mind (or through some physical space?) searching for the new photos, hoping they would appear instantly, like the first group had, so we wouldn't have to go through the process -- without having much time -- of taking new photos.

The photos I may have imagined may have had some kind of motif of black and white zebra patterns.