Wednesday, April 25, 2012

were they zombies or not?

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I had apparently recruited a few people for some project. But there was also a danger of zombies in the area of the project. Something had happened, and now either the group of people were in danger of becoming zombies, or else they were already zombies.

Some boss of mine began blaming me for not having been aware of the situation. Either I should have known there were zombies around, or I should have known that one of the people I'd recruited was actually a zombie. I think I knew I couldn't argue with this.

I may have been trying to figure out how I could have missed the fact that one of the guys in the group was a zombie. I knew that zombies looked different from humans. They were all dead and rotted, with green skin and so forth. But sometimes I mistook zombies for humans, apparently.

I somehow got my thoughts distracted into a scene which was kind of a world half-ruined by some kind of zombie invasion. Living humans lived in areas where zombies also roamed about. The living people had to avoid the zombies.

I knew it was sometimes hard to tell the zombies from the people. I focused on two guys, two friends who were about college age. The two guys had both been planning on going to some trip together. But at the destination, one of the guys had become a zombie (or had already been a zombie for a while). The other guy may just not have been there.

I tried to figure out when the first guy had actually become a zombie. It seemed to me that he could have been a zombie all the way from before he and his friend had gone on the trip. In fact, maybe both the guy and his friend had been zombies. But I didn't know if that could be. The guy had planned the trip with his friend via written letter. I'd seen the letters. They'd been too intelligently written to have been written by a zombie.

I now saw the guy speaking with his friend. The friend was in a small, dim room, on a bed, like he was on his death bed. Both the guy and the friend may have been zombies. But the guy was talking to the friend as if he were dying. It was somehow understood that once the friend died, there was a good chance that he'd become a zombie -- as if he weren't a zombie right now. The two friends spoke with each other very sadly.

My view was now outside, from behind a chain-link fence, in a small, desert town which had already been overrun completely by zombies. It was a hot, dusty day. The town looked completeley abandoned. I saw up a main thoroughfare of the small town -- just a wide road flanked by small, squat buildings.

Now a zombie was walking down the road. The zombie's skin was all dark green and rotted, but dry and shrivelled. The zombie seemed to be wearing something like a nice suit of clothes and something like a gardener's broad-brimmed hat.

The zombie kept on walking straight forward. But then its walk began to waver, as if the zombie was being pushed around by the wind. The zombie then fell over, out of my field of view (like below the fence was a concrete barrier which blocked some portion of my view of the ground). I knew the zombie was dead.

Now a group of people came walking down the street. At first I thought they were more zombies. But then I knew they were actually college kids. They had come to this town because they knew it had been completely overrun by zombies. The kids were here to have a little adventure.

The kids came marching down the street in two lines, one on either side of the street, almost dancing, like they were in a musical. I thought it had been stupid for the kids to risk their lives by coming here in the first place. I was starting to wonder whether they hadn't actually been caught already and turned into zombies.

As the kids got closer I could see that they were also wearing nice clothes, maybe like the characters of the musical The Music Man might wear. There was a lead kid, a guy, tall, blonde, and very good-looking. He wore grey-blue slacks, a grey-blue vest, a white shirt, a tie, and some kind of round-brimmed, straw hat. He may have been holding a cane, too, and using it as a part of his dance.

When the guy approached the fence, I thought, even though he looked normal, that he could be a zombie. He seemed to be preparing for some kind of big physical effort. I thought he might have been preparing to attack me. But instead he jumped up to the top of the tall fence. He balanced on the fence and began singing, as well as continuing his dance. Some of the other college kids may have been working their way up the fence.

But now the man saw two or three zombies. They seemed to jump all the way up the fence. The man caught them in time, though. He used his cane to bash the three zombies, either knocking them away from him or killing them altogether.

The man may have jumped down onto the other side of the fence now. At this point the "battle" against the zombies may truly have begun. But possibly the man had stayed on the fence. Either way, I, already on this other side of the fence, had turned away from the thoroughfare and was now standing inside a building, or at least looking at the inside of a building from my outside vantage point.

The building felt pretty small and constricted. It was packed full of people, all or most of whom may have been zombies. The zombies were in some kind of frenzy. They may have been just acting in a chaotic way. Or they may have been attacking each other. Or they may have been attacking some living humans who had gotten into the room.