Monday, April 23, 2012

unlocking door

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was in the hallway of an apartment complex. I stood out in front of the door to the apartment I was staying at. The apartment probably wasn't mine.

I had to make sure the apartment door was locking well. I think I had been asked to do this by the people I was living with. But I think I also wanted to do it because I felt territorial about the place, and I felt like it wasn't well enough protected.

The lock was high up on the door. I had to reach over my head to get to it. The lock had something to do with pressing in a button. There may have been a problem with the button, though, like it was pressing too far into the wall or something. This was what I had to investigate and fix.

I walked inside the door and looked up. I saw how a steel rod, maybe 1/2 centimeter in diameter, would poke through the doorjamb. I could see the rod was long, and that it poked out really far from the wall.

I must have done something, because now I just went into the living room. I had to wait for whatever the results were of whatever I'd done to fix the door.

One of the people who lived in the apartment sat in the room with me. She was a woman who, IWL, lived with one of my good friends, H. The room was dark. The woman, T, sat in a big, leather chair. A television was placed on a set of shelves or something, just over the head of the chair.

Something about how T was sitting or what T was doing while she sat was blocking my view of the TV. I didn't think I could wait here for a long time while whatever was supposed to happen to the door happened.

Finally I decided I had waited long enough -- even though I probably knew I really hadn't. I stood up and went to the door to see how things turned out.