Monday, April 9, 2012

torn movie ticket

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was at a small but nice movie theatre, kind of like an art house theatre. I had just bought a ticket and was headed upstairs to one of the theatres. The stairway and hallway I walked through were small and dimly lit, with walls either painted or wallpapered with a yellowish color, so that they looked like stucco walls, like in some big, old, exotic building.

The movie ticket was more like a credit card receipt with a barcode at the bottom. I'm not sure why, but I tore the ticket in half, maybe even in fourths. I may have thought for a moment that I didn't want to see the movie after all. But then I decided that I did want to see it. Now I felt kind of stupid for having torn my ticket. But I thought that if I held it together I could at least make it so the ticket taker at the door to the theatre would be able to scan the barcode and verify my ticket.

But I also worried that maybe the ticket taker wouldn't let me in because the ticket was torn. The ticket taker might think I'd gotten the ticket from somewhere like out of the trash, and that I was trying to use a ticket that had already been used. I knew that I could easily explain the ticket was mine. The date and time on the ticket were from when I purchased it, only a few minutes ago. So I couldn't have just gotten a used ticket out of the trash.

This movie theatre was one I'd always gone to. I knew that if the ticket taker was the guy I usually saw -- who was actually the CEO for a solar power company -- then he'd let me in with no problem. But I got out of the hallway and walked up through the upstairs lobby to the door of the theatre. The ticket taker was a young, Hispanic man with a very close haircut and a low hairline. Beside him stood one of his friends, a worker who was neglecting whatever work he had to do so he could talk with the ticket taker.

The ticket taker took my torn ticket. Already I could see that the guy resented me, just because of my looks. He would have done anything to keep me out of the theatre to begin with. But the torn ticket made it easy for him to keep me out. The young man told me something about my ticket. I was already ready to just give up and leave.