Sunday, April 22, 2012

two or three guys in a band; two or three guys on a job

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was with a group of two or three guys in some place like a living room. We were probably all rehearsing songs. The two or three guys were in a band. They had let me come rehearse with them. I may have been singing.

But now the rehearsal was over. The guys were all scattered around the living room, as well as in a small kitchen that was separated from the living room by a breakfast bar a little over waist high.

The guys all seemed to be mad at me. It was like I had screwed up something while I had been singing. It was less like my singing had been bad and more like the style of singing I was using was different from what the guys had wanted. In fact, it was so different that the guys had been a little insulted that I'd think of using it.

One of the guys was talking to me for a moment. He looked kind of like Elliott Smith. She had about jaw-length hair and wore a skull-cap that went kind of low over his brow. He was kind of pissy as he spoke with me.

But now my vision shifted into something like a page on YouTube. But even while I was looking at this page I was looking at the living room. The YouTube page took up my whole vision, but it was like it was almost transparent.

Through the YouTube page I could still hear the man talking to me about the mistake I'd made in choosing my style of singing. This discussion had something to do with the YouTube page I was looking at. The page belonged to the band. This page was a way I'd first gotten to know about this band.

To illustrate my mistake, the man told me to scroll down the page. I scrolled down -- although it was kind of more like my whole body was floating down the page.

I arrived at a comment I'd made on the video. I'd thought it had been smart. But now the guy had me scroll-float up to a more recent comment. This comment was made by one of the band members, possibly the guy. The comment was preceded by an icon that looked like a rainbow flag, although it was supposed to stand for something religious or mystical. The comment criticized the comment I'd made. I was disappointed in myself for never having caught this before.

Dream #2

I was somewhere -- possibly in front of a computer screen. I had just gotten a group of guys together to go out on some project for my work. The project was going to begin on this day. But now, looking at the screen, I found that two or three of the guys I'd gotten on for this project were planning not to show up. It may even have been that the guys were doing this because they didn't like me personally.