Tuesday, July 3, 2012

another man's dream

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

A man was in trouble with somebody. He may have been spying on some people who were involved in some kind of illegal activity. He was in some place, possibly a house, when he was caught by a beautiful woman. The woman may have tied the man to a chair. The woman may have done something to the man like inject him with a drug. The man was worried for his life. He buried his face in his hands.

The man pulled his face out from his hands. Before, my view of the man had been rather close with him, as if I had been seeing from just behind his shoulder. Now my view was low, as if I were looking up at him from not too far about the floor, on the man's right side. The man was a little chubby, pale white, but Hispanic looking, with stubble and disheveled hair. He was quivering with fear. The beautiful woman, blonde white, well-dressed, stood over the man on his left side.

The man was shocked to see that his surroundings had changed. He was now in a much wider room, almost like some sort of workshop. The workshop looked very clean and nice, with white walls that had little things hanging on them here and there. But, without the man noticing it, I think, the room changed again. The walls inside the room were now horizontal planks of wood, unfinished, raw, very fibrous.

The man was certain that he had been drugged and that, due to the drug, he had woken into a dream. The man was made to stand up. The room changed again. It was now dark. I was now where the man had been. The woman was behind me. We seemed to be in a somewhat cramped place.

There was apparently some uncertainty on the woman's part of who I was. I had apparently told the woman. But she didn't quite believe me. So she was running some tests on me to prove who I was. She gave me a 20-ounce paper cup, like the kind for coffee at convenience stores. She told me I was going to need to give her a urine sample in this cup.

The woman walked me down a hallway to a bathroom. I went into the bathroom and began urinating. I actually needed to pee a lot. In no time I peed all the way to the top of the cup. I was surprised and a little worried, because the urine was a darkish green color. It probably smelled, too.

I still needed to pee, so -- I think -- I went over to a toilet on my right and peed some more. But I may have told myself not to let myself get too much into peeing. I was still slightly aware that I was in a dream (i.e., the dream that the man had been drugged into waking into). I told myself that if I got too much into peeing, that my physical body, wherever it was, would also start peeing, and I'd wet the bed.

I could hear the woman back in the first room, laughing on the phone with someone. She was laughing that she had actually gotten me to pee in a cup for her. I was kind of annoyed. I knew the woman was laughing because she was able to control me. I didn't want to see her anymore.

I thought I would just stay in the bathroom. I started looking around in the bathroom. It was really big, and most of it didn't look like a bathroom. It looked more like some kind of small workshop combined with a small office space.

The woman now called for me. She said she had more tests for me to take. I think she had the idea that I wasn't coming back to the room, that I didn't want to go back. So now she was trying to lure me back in a different way, telling me that something important depended on my taking these tests.

I may have had the feeling that the woman was going to inject me with something. I may have held three small vials in my hand. They were all squarish, dark amber colored, with black caps. Around the base of each cap was a thin, rubbery or plastic band. The band was colored, with a thin, black line running through its center. One band was pink. Another band was green. Another band was blue.

The woman may have begun calling for me again.


UPDATE: A discussion of the images in this dream, as well as of the images in some of my other recent dreams, can be found at this entry of my dreamday journal.