Monday, July 16, 2012

wearing lingerie in public; museum jealousy; astronomy lies for sex

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I walked out of some building and into a yard of buildings. The buildings were small, about the size of double-wide trailers. There were a lot of people out in this yard with me. The yard was like a vacant lot, surrounded on all sides by tall buildings, in the middle of New York City. It also felt a little like the back area of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The small buildings in the yard were in all different shapes, some classical, some modern. Some of the buildings appeared to be made out of granite. One building was made out of a shaded-looking glass. Other buildings were twisted in weird shapes. There was steam or smoke rising up from the ground everywhere.

I understood that this was a museum for the history of NASA. But I may not quite have understood that while I was in the building I'd just come out of. But now that I understood it, I wanted to go into a number of other buildings, to see what everything was about.

But as I looked at another building to go into, I saw a woman staring at me. She was a young, black woman. She was something like a security guard, but she sat behind a strange, glass structure, and up in some tall chair like a lifeguard's chair. It was like the woman was thinking I had done something bad. I think she was getting ready for me to do something else bad. So instead of hanging around and being blamed for something else bad being done, I decided to leave.

I may have had some friends. I may have told them I was leaving, or they may have come with me. I walked out onto a cobblestone street, kind of like the streets in the SoHo area of NYC. But this street was really wide. It was also pretty desolate of people. I walked to my left and kind of hooked up and backwards around a corner. I then headed up toward a streetcorner where there seemed to be a lot more people.

I stood among the people. I held a blue, fuzzy blanket around all of my body below my neck. Someone asked me if I knew where they could get a good something, maybe a good meal. I pointed in some direction where I knew (and could see in my mind's eye) a good shop. I may have given some directions. The place was only a couple blocks away. But the person seemed confused. So I told the person I could lead her (?) to the place.

But for some reason, when I pointed out the directions, I'd managed to undo the blanket from being wrapped around my body. I exposed myself. I was wearing women's lingerie -- a purple cami and purple panties.

I said, "Oh, wait. I can't take you down to that place. I'm wearing the wrong clothes. I didn't realize, I must have left the museum in a hurry, before getting into regular clothes. I'll have to go back and change."

But the woman stopped me. She said, "Why do you need to change? You've walked all the way out here wearing nothing but that stuff. I don't think anybody's going to care if you keep on walking around like that."

I thought the woman was right. It didn't seem like anybody around us really worried about the way I looked. But I was still embarrassed. I figured I'd at least go back to the museum so I could put on a t-shirt and some jeans.

Dream #2

I was in a museum, maybe an astronomy museum. The museum was run by two of my old friends, ML and MK. The museum was kind of like a series of small, modular areas set into a lobby or atrium of a big building, like an office building.

I had been shuffling around the museum, kind of sticking to the outskirts of it, not really wanting to be seen by ML and MK. But now a young, black man came into the museum. He was talking with my friends. The young man sat on the floor, with his back to a structure that had a big enough gap in it (between two stone or concrete walls?) that I could see the young man and at least my friend ML.

The young man began discussing something about his schooling. He'd studied aerospace, and he was really interested in learning as much more as he could about space travel. So he'd come here to see about becoming a member or about taking more classes through the museum or something. ML was really impressed by the young man. He told the young man he'd get back in touch with him soon.

The young man left. ML now spoke out, either to MK or else to the whole room, so he'd know I'd hear him, talking about how good the young man was. This was possibly supposed to make me feel bad about myself so that I'd take a more active role in studying the stuff at the museum. I did get jealous. I walked out of hiding and began talking with ML, trying to prove that I had been diligently studying aerospace and astronomy for a long time now.

Dream #3

I was in trouble with somebody, possibly a woman. I'd been in the role of a teacher for a number of females of all different ages. But I'd told them something completely wrong about astronomy.

I'd told them something about the effect of something like gravity from stars. I had been telling the women that scientists could not make firm judgments about either the composition of certain stars, or maybe even about the existence of certain stars within small groupings of stars. This had something to do with gravity.

I'd told the girls that, at least with certain kinds of stars, you could get closer and closer to the stars without feeling any different gravitational effects from them than you felt at a far distance. I had an image in my head, as I remembered telling the girls this, of a white star like a sun dotted with a bluish star on one side and a blackish star on the other.

The woman asked me why I'd been spreading such harmful nonsense among the students. I was trying to remember if I'd meant to spread nonsense. It seemed to me, as I reflected, that I was telling what I'd thought was the truth.

I even had a memory of a video I'd seen discussing the phenomenon. I tried to remind the woman about this video. I now saw an image of a star with two smaller stars dotting it. I then saw an image of two white stars that were close to each other.

I knew that the video said that the phenomenon was the same for both kinds of star systems: you couldn't feel any different gravity that would determine the existence, or the composition, or certain stars within the system. It might not be felt until you got really close. But even then there might be some kind of cancellation effect that would make it seem like there was no gravitational force from the bodies at all.

I tried to remind the woman of the video that had said this. But I couldn't remember what the video was, or when we'd watched it. And the woman didn't want to hear what I was talking about. She told me that the only reason I'd said all this stuff was to make the girls I was teaching less worried about some upcoming events. The girls were all so worried about some upcoming celestial event that they didn't want to have sex with anybody. But I was trying to make them less worried, so they'd have sex -- with me.

I now saw a slide, an old style metal slide. It was indoors. The room the slide was in was mostly dark, with just the top meter or so of wall, right where the slide peaked, lit up all the way across the wall with some gentle, fluorescent light that was behind a white, opaque pane of plastic.

The girls were all up on the slide's ladder. As they got to the top, they'd slide down. Three or so girls would be on the slide at once, all kind of evenly spaced. As they slid, some of the girls may have had some kind of purple glop detaching from their bodies, sometimes from their bottoms and sometimes from their stomachs.


UPDATE: A discussion of some of the images from these dreams can be found at this entry in my dreamday journal.

UPDATE 2: Drawing added for dream #1, July 16, 2012, 2:15 PM Mountain Standard Time.