Wednesday, July 4, 2012

grandmother's obligation; retaking test

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I had received word that I had gotten a new job. I was really excited about the job, and I was waiting to go. I walked into "my bedroom," which was at the end of a long hallway in some kind of public building.

I then got a phone call from my step grandmother. She needed me to take care of something for her. I was a little annoyed, though I didn't act annoyed. I knew I couldn't go to my new job without taking care of this thing for my step grandmother. But it was going to be a little tedious.

My grandma then asked to be put on the phone with my mother. I carried my cell phone down another hallway, to where my mother was lying in bed. I had to wake up my mother. My mom rolled over. I gave her the phone.

I had stood on the right (my mom's right) side of the bed as I'd handed her the phone. Now I walked over to the left side. I may have been standing next to a big box of diapers. My mom was mumbling groggily to my grandma, something about how she would make sure to be there to do whatever my grandma needed us to do.

Dream #2

I had taken some sort of standardized test. But I'd failed by only a few questions. But it also seemed like the only questions I'd missed were the few questions I'd failed by. It was like I'd needed a 100% score to pass. I decided I'd study these questions and take the test again.

I went into my bedroom, which was kind of a big, lonely room with a huge bed in it. There was a window which let in some grey light, like it had been raining outside. There may have been clutter near the window, and maybe a dark blue sheet was being used for a curtain, though it may have fallen off the window.

I either lay on my stomach on the bed or else knelt down by the left side of the bed. I was looking at the wall at the head of the bed. There may have been a bookshelf on the wall over or near the head of the bed. There were also squares of grainy, grey color on the wall, like artworks.

I reflected that the test I was taking was the kind of test where you really just needed to study the questions and answers. As long as you drilled those into your head, you could pass the test easily enough. I thought that maybe my study strategy should just be studying the questions and answers I'd missed. But then I thought that you never knew what questions and answers would appear on the test. So I just decided to study all the questions and answers.

I called somebody, probably a young woman, to schedule my test. The day may have been a Wednesday. I think I'd scheduled my test for the following day, in the afternoon. Or it may have been a Thursday, in the morning, and I'd scheduled my test for the same day, in the afternoon.

I was now walking outside somewhere. I realized that I'd heard somewhere that this particular test was being changed. I remembered that some people said it wasn't going to be as easy as it had been before. This made me wonder -- was just studying the questions and answers good enough for passing the test? Or would I find that I'd wasted all my time in studying the wrong way?

I came to the conclusion that I could study for the plan the way I'd originally thought I should. I wasn't totally certain that I'd be okay. But I knew that I had to have some strategy, and this was the only strategy I had.

I was in some area that could be used for studying -- something like a coffee shop. The light in here was also very grey, like it had just finished raining outside. And there were also grainy, grey patches on the wall. But the grey patches on the wall here were more obtrusive on my vision, like they were actually a part of my own actual nervous sense-functioning.

I got a little more worried about the test. I thought that maybe I should call the young woman again and reschedule my test. I'd scheduled myself for Thursday afternoon. But if I could reschedule for Friday, that would give me more time to study. I may have settled on rescheduling for Friday afternoon. But then I may have decided that Friday morning would be better.


UPDATE: Thank you, as always, for reading. A discussion of the images in this dream can be found at this entry in my dreamday journal