Sunday, July 22, 2012

who will marry her?; bookstore rearranged; water table; quantum leap ripoff

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

There were two men. Each man ran a laundromat. But each man had a different personality. One man was very serious and businesslike. The other was very lazy and easygoing. But I think both of the men were either Asian or of Asian descent, and that they both had dark, copper-colored skin. The businesslike man wore a black suit. The lazy man wore sweats and a backwards baseball cap.

The two men possibly wanted to marry the same girl. I never saw the girl or the girl's viewpoint. I think I mostly saw from the father's viewpoint, even though I wasn't the father. I think the father was a rather tough guy. I don't know if he really liked either of the young men. And I think I was hoping for the father to make a choice and be kind, at least to one of the guys.

My view during much of this was some weird set of shapes, like two rectangles set side by side. The two rectangles were bright yellow. Sometimes the rectangles would become spaces like three sides of a box, and something about the men, maybe the men themselves, would be inside the boxes. I think this was some method the father used for measuring his options.

Dream #2

I was probably at "my family's house." I was in a room that was cluttered with blankets. I was in the room with a slim, attractive woman who may have been supposed to be my sister. I had just gotten off the phone with somebody. I learned that we were supposed to be heading somewhere, probably due to either a family emergency or for something good that had happened to the family.

Before we headed out, I wanted to get a book. So I headed to the used bookstore I always went to. I had gone there only two days previously. But I wanted to get a whole new book for this trip.

The used bookstore may have just been opening, or it may actually have been still a few minutes away from opening. But the door was unlocked, so I went in.

As soon as I stepped in, the wife in the couple who owns the store said, "Well, hello, darling." She was nowhere in sight. There was no way she could have seen me. But she somehow knew that it was I who had come in. I looked to where I'd heard the voice. There was a little room, like a coat check room, full of books. Apparently the owners were in that room, sorting newly arrived books.

I said hello and walked further into the store. The store was huge. It was all made of wood: the floors, furniture, and walls. The space went from a small, lobby-like area with the cashier counter, into a much larger main area. The main area was two stories tall, with the second story being something like a balcony that ran along the walls. There were a lot of display areas full of books.

A few more people had come into the store and were already at the cash register. The wife was now behind the cashier's counter, which was cluttered with books and big, canvas bags that almost looked like laundry bags. The wife told me something about a book I'd been looking for. It was possibly that they'd gotten it, but then that somebody else had bought it, so they didn't have it anymore. Or that a book that had been there that I'd been interested in was no longer there. I said it wasn't a big deal.

I went to my favorite section of the store, which I reached by turning left and going all the way through the main area. At the end of the main area was a doorway to a smaller room. This room, I knew, had all the philosophy, which I was apparently really interested in. Reaching the room, I again felt kind of silly for having come to the bookstore twice in three days. I thought the owners of the store would think I was weird.

I was familiar with the arrangements of the shelves. And, at first, when I looked at the shelves, it was like I saw everything, all the subjects (philosophy, history, and film were some of the subjects I remember knowing were here) in the right order.

But at some point -- maybe when I tried looking directly at a single book? -- the subjects got all mixed up. The subjects I was interested in suddenly had a lot fewer books in them. And there were whole sections of bookshelves that were empty. There were also huge, empty cardboard boxes filling up some of the shelves. I looked for the philosophy section now and couldn't even find it. All I could find was film and something else.

I now realized that the owners had completely redone this back area. By the looks of things, they may have been planning to get rid of this back area altogether. Maybe they were planning on moving the philosophy section out to the main area -- or even on getting rid of the philosophy section altogether! I wondered if the wife had been trying to tell me this before, when she had mentioned to me whatever she'd mentioned.

I may have walked back out to the front lobby of the store, preparing to leave. There were now a lot of people at the cash register, waiting to get rung up. For some reason, I thought they were all there because I was there, like they wanted to get rung up before I got rung up, or before I even got in line, so they could feel like they'd been ahead of me.

The wife may have asked me if I was upset to be walking out of the store empty-handed. I may have replied that I wasn't upset, that I didn't know whether I was going to find anything I liked today, anyway.

But there also seemed to be a second ending to this dream, where I disappeared out of the back area of the store altogether. The owners wondered where I'd gone. I imagined explaining to them later on that sometimes I disappear out of buildings altogether and end up immediately in whatever the next place is that I'm supposed to be. I imagined explaining that it happened without my really knowing how.

Dream #3

I was part of a small group of people, mostly women. We walked down into a basement. One of the women may have been leading the group and holding a caged electric light over her head like a torch.

At the bottom of the stairway, we walked through a small curve of darkness. We then turned left into a pink room. The room was completely lit with electric light. But it looked a little run-down. It was empty. The floors and walls were concrete. The paint on the walls may have been chipping. The bottom third of the walls may actually have been painted beige with thin, black stripes running horizonally, maybe four black stripes creating three thick, beige bars.

The woman explained something about the water table. Apparently, some people concerned with this building were worried about the water table, like it would make the building very prone to flooding. But the woman pointed out a marker for the water table at the bottom of one of the walls. She said that that was proof that the building had been constructed with the water table in mind, and that the building would never flood, because the highest the water would ever get would be the mark at the bottom of the wall.

Dream #4

A commercial for a TV show. At first a closeup on a man and a woman, the man on the right and the woman on the left. The man was thin, kind of wiry-faced, with tan skin, pale brown hair, and cold, blue eyes. The woman looked like Marilyn Monroe: pale, round face, pale, blonde, shoulder length hair, heavily lashed eyes.

As the view pulled slowly away from the man and woman, an artificially, mechanically blue sky could be seen flowing behind the pair. An announcer began talking about how the man and the woman were involved in some time travel experiment. This time travel experiment ended up putting the man and the woman in some situation where the woman was in the body of Marilyn Monroe. The announcer said, "Marilyn Monroe!" like it was some big surprise.

As the announcer finished saying, "Marilyn Monroe!" The camera's pull-away was complete. The man and woman were seen to be standing on a grey pile of rubble, like piles of blasted-out concrete.

I thought to myself that it was kind of silly for the announcer to say, "Marilyn Monroe!" like the plot concept of a time traveler ending up as Marilyn Monroe was so new and fresh. I remembered that the TV show Quantum Leap had its main character meet Marilyn Monroe in one episode. (Actually, I believe that the Scott Bakula character ended up as Marilyn Monroe in that episode.)


UPDATE: First of all -- I was wrong. Just looking at the IMDb, Scott Bakula ends up as Marilyn Monroe's chauffer, not as Marilyn Monroe, in the Quantum Leap episode.

Also -- a discussion of some of the images from these dreams can be found at this entry in my dreamday journal.