Friday, July 20, 2012

rub her crotch; important people; fitness video; pulled by a ship

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

There was a naked woman on a bed. She lay on her back with her legs bent, so that her knees were up in the air. There was a man on the bed with her. There may have been one other person on the bed.

The woman may have had a miscarriage or an abortion. Her vagina may have been in pain. She was trying to expose her vagina to the man on the bed so that he'd rub it and make her feel better. She didn't want to have sex. She just wanted to be comforted.

The woman was then lying on the floor, in the same position, with her crotch turned toward the bed. But now there may have been nobody on the bed. The woman was still in pain and still looking for someone to comfort her.

Dream #2

I was probably in the living room of an apartment, which was probably my mom's apartment. My mom may have been throwing some kind of party there. There weren't many people. The lights were dim. The living room was mostly empty. The floor seemed to be a little littered with blankets.

It was getting late, so I decided to leave. My apartment was just across the hallway from my mom's apartment. Just as I was getting into my apartment, I heard that somebody very important was going to be coming for a visit. For some reason, I thought they were going to be coming to my apartment.

My apartment was just as empty as my mom's There was one blanket on my floor. I sat on it and read a book. I was dressed in something strange, like boy's pajama pants and a pink girl's shirt. I may even have been wearing some kind of big jester's hat.

I'd thought at first that when the important person came over, he, or she, or they would be impressed by the book I was reading. But now I thought my clothes, as well of the kind of lazy way in which I was reading, would make a bad impression on the important person or people.

So I stood up to change my clothes. I got into a pair of jeans and a regular t-shirt. But I still felt like even in clothes more like daytime clothes I still looked raggedy and lazy. But I didn't know what else to change into.

I also got the feeling, now, that the important person or people were coming to my mom's apartment, not mine. I decided I'd better head back over to my mom's apartment.

Dream #3

I was in a living room with a small group of people. I don't know what my relation to them was. They were men and women, good looking, in maybe their twenties and thirties. One of the guys was an exercise instructor. He was the biggest and most muscular of us all. He was tanned golden brown, and he had long, platinum blonde hair. He wore a tight, red t-shirt that showed off his muscles.

It was now time for everybody to go to bed. I went into my bedroom, even though everybody else may have been staying in the living room. My room was dark. But on one wall there was something like a TV screen that was surrounded by neon lights. The TV screen began to play a fitness video. I lay on the floor, covered in blankets. The main thing the fitness video was doing was leg lifts. So I did leg lifts with the video.

The exercise instructor walked into my room. I was ashamed that he'd caught me working out with the fitness video. The fitness video came from a different company than the company he worked for. I either tried to justify myself or apologize to the man. But the man said it was alright. His fitness company didn't have a leg lifts program like this one. So he'd suggest I use this tape if I was concerned with doing leg lifts.

The exercise instructor left the room. The fitness video was now turned off. The only thing showing on the wall were the neon lights, which shined in a pattern of top half, then bottom half, then top half, then bottom half. I think I was using this pattern to continue my leg lift exercises.

Dream #4

I was out near water with my family. It was a grey day, but it wasn't raining. My brother-in-law, sister, and a couple of my nephews were all out in the water on a small, very narrow, white-painted boat. The boat may have been made out of some kind of metal. The water was greenish and relatively calm.

I stood on some dock or boardwalk, leaning against some waist-high metal railing. My mom may have been standing next to me -- although she may have been a tall, youngish, thin woman wearing a flowing, white dress, a broad-brimmed, white straw hat, and sunglasses.

The woman/my mom and I may have been having some discussion. Possibly because of that discussion, I decided I needed to have some fun in the water. So I jumped in. I swam to the boat. My brother may have been somewhere in the water as well.

I climbed onto the boat. I sat in the boat for a moment. There were little puddles toward the bow end of the boat. In the little puddles were greenish animals, which I may have taken for lizards, even though they seem to have been creatures more like neon green anemones.

I knew my brother-in-law was sitting at the stern end of the boat. My sister and nephews were also on the boat, and I think I could occasionally see my sister and my youngest nephew, although I couldn't actually see them on the boat. But I decided that the boat was way too crowded for me to stay on it. I jumped back off.

I jumped out on the opposite side of the boat from the dock, so that I felt like I was in deeper water. We were in something like a river, or maybe more like a canal. It was easy for me to swim farther and farther away from the side I'd jumped in on. But when I tried to swim back toward the boat or the dock, I felt a strong pushing against me.

Some woman, either my sister or a copper-skinned woman with jet-black hair and deep, black eyes swimming next to me, said something like, "Now you know the lesson."

I said, "Uh-huh. I do."

The woman said, "You don't swim too deep into the water. Or the current will pull you away. It will be really hard for you to get back to shore."

I thought about my cell phone, which I knew was in my pocket. I cried, "Oh, crap! My phone!" I pulled it out of my pocket. I held it above the water, hoping that irreparable damage hadn't been done, and that I could keep the phone out of the water from here on out.

There was a ship in the water. It was pretty big, for the space it was travelling through. Its hull was mostly black. Toward the deck the ship turned white. Almost all the top portion of the ship was white. The ship looked like some sort of military or commercial vessel. But it may also have been used for some kind of recreational purposes.

I got caught up in the pull of the vessel. I tried to swim out of it, but it was too hard. I got pulled closer and closer. I figured that, at this point, there was nothing I could do. I'd probably get sucked under the ship and die. But I thought that if I didn't die, I could push off of the ship and try to use some of that force to get myself out of the pull of the vessel.

I reached the ship without being pulled under. I kicked off of it and broke free of a little bit of the pull. But I ended up drifting around so I was now behind the vessel. From the back, the vessel looked even more like some recreational vessel, maybe even like a really big yacht. The name of the ship curved around the top of the back end of the vessel.

I was now in the ship's tow. I couldn't avoid it. Wherever the ship went, I would go as well. The ship looped around, apparently, then headed down into some area that was like a gigantic tunnel. The ship slowed down a lot. I could tell it was coming to a stop. I worried that when it came to a stop I'd be drawn all the way back to it and then sucked under the ship, where I'd be chopped up by the rotor blades.

The ship stopped. But I wasn't sucked under. I moved a little closer to the ship, then I stopped. Behind me was a small boat carrying my aunt and her husband. Behind my aunt's boat were a whole string of small boats. It was like we were actually on some kind of theme park ride, like this had all been some kind of water slide.

There was a wooden walkway just to our right. My aunt was complaining about the ride as she and her husband stood out of it. I pulled myself up out of the water.

I think my aunt was now complaining about a broken down refrigerator on the wooden walkway. Apparently my aunt thought she'd be able to get food out of the fridge, like it was a fridge that my family had reserved space in. But since it was broken, my aunt wouldn't be able to get any food. I thought my aunt's complaints were unfair. I was trying to think of a way for her to get food. If I could tell her a different way to get food, maybe she'd stop complaining.

We had been let out of the water at some level below the place we'd come from. So we had to walk up a long stairway to get back to the regular level. As we did, I looked down to the wooden walkway, to the refrigerator my aunt had been talking about. It was surrounded by other machinery, and it was lit in orange streetlight. The area surrounding the refrigerator actually looked like a parking garage to me.

My aunt and her husband were now gone. But I was surrounded by people, all people who'd gotten off the ride I'd apparently been a part of. A lot of us were walking up the stairs. I assumed we'd be going up to the river that I'd originally jumped into. But we were now heading up a steep slope of dry, dusty soil. At the end of the staircase, we ended up walking out onto some dirt walkway. The dirt walkway, I knew, headed to a sidewalk that led into the edge of a shopping district of some neighborhood.

As I headed toward the sidewalk, I kept having to dodge young guys who were rushing down to where I'd come from. They were all really excited about taking the ride that I'd just taken. I felt like they kept getting in my way to stop me from moving, like they were afraid I'd get onto the ride before they did -- even though I was heading away from the ride, not toward it.

When I got up to the sidewalk, I saw that I'd need to turn a corner to the left, then cross a street and walk a couple blocks to get to the shopping district. There was a little vacant lot to my right, between me and the street. I decided to cut across that while I was heading toward the street.

But as I was cutting across this field a man and his girlfriend, maybe in their late twenties, came walking up from some other walkway. The guy spotted me and decided he was going to cut in front of me, to trip me up  in my walking. I kept walking in my own direction. But as the guy got closer to me and I could see that he was aiming to cut right in front of me, I sped up my walk and twisted my path a little. I crossed just in front of the guy. But even when I crossed in front of him, he threw out his legs and tried to trip me.

I passed the guy, and we both crossed the street, but we were heading in different directions. But now I could hear the guy talking to his girlfriend. The guy was telling his girlfriend about some criminal he either knew or admired as an historical figure. The guy liked the criminal because he was always looking for some occasion to be bad to other people. The guy was, apparently trying to take this for the model of his life.

I had the feeling that, even though I'd managed to stop this guy from cutting in front of me and tripping me up, he still felt like he'd won whatever game he'd played with me, just because he'd been able to engage in an activity where, at the very least, he'd had bad intentions.


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